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  1. Leviathan
    by TRUTH
    Oh this is lush. Sounds awesome on the Senny cans, but I can't wait to crank this on the proper stereo with the sub over the weekend.
    😂 at the "blown speaker cone" effect that kicked in at 1:24, gave me a momentary panic:
    "Noooooo, not my favourite cans! "😬
    Well played chaps😋
  2. EP IV
    by Yumi Zouma
    be okay be okay
    Instabought this when the notification arrived ❤️ thank you SO much for letting me buy this, and saving me from the YT ads in my obsessive listening to "be okay" 😋
    Love the guitar work, keys and of course Christie's sultry lower-register vocals. ❤️❤️❤️
    EDIT: I can't stop listening to this. The instrumental versions really highlight the musical layers, band as a whole has knocked it outta the park here well done all, but special mention to Olivia. You go girl, Percussion is TIGHT.
  3. Real Life
    by Hazel English
    Thanks again Hazel ❤️❤️❤️
    Really love the instrumentation on this track, the dynamics and the syncopated percussion.
    My 2023 Singles compilation by you is coming along nicely! 🥳🫶🍻
  4. II
    by The Courtneys
    Tour Tour
    Not just another brilliant fuzzy, jangly indie guitar pop album, no sir. What sets this apart is the vocals. I love the contrast between shout singing, and use of lower registers. On paper, it shouldn't work this well, but, I love it. Brilliant.
    Tour only got the nod due the fun timing, many other great tracks in here.
    Fitting to release on Flying Nun, I hear so so many influences from past FNR luminaries.
  5. Heartbreaker
    by Hazel English
    ❤️❤️❤️ Another fine single to add to the compilation I'm building, thanks Hazel!
  6. Rudy
    by Calibre
    Warbling Warbling
    So good. Unusually for a Calibre release, I found it easy to pick a favourite track! 😯
    Warbling, on a decent sub. Just top notch. Cheers mate, for bringing it yet again.
  7. Cool It Down
    by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Fleez Fleez
    Superb craftsmanship. Nearly chose Spitting... for fave track but there are no bad choices to be clear!
    Karen O is no doubt going to demand an explanation from MY manager, about why the heck I didn't buy this a year ago, when it was released. 👀
    I have no good excuse 😔
    To atone for such an omission, I solemnly promise to buy Fever To Tell - as soon as you guys put that up for sale here on BC. 😘
    (Please and thank you in advance 🙏☺️)
  8. There She Goes
    by Hazel English
    Thanks Hazel! Definitely going to make my own compilation for these excellent singles 😘
    I realised in buying this one, you seem to have two BC artist profiles/pages, this one which seems to have more singles and merch, the other has the albums like UP!
    That could be deliberate, but if not, maybe BC support can merge them?
    Chur! Go well, and keep doing what you do ❤️
  9. Mystic State - Between These Moments LP [CKRA037]
    by Mystic State
    Thanks team! Another lush, atmospheric DnB album ❤️
    I need a few more listens before I can pick a fave track, what an awesome "problem" to have... 😎🍻
  10. In the End I Won't Be Coming Home
    by French for rabbits
    Thanks guys! Really enjoyed seeing you and hearing you play these new tracks at the Piano ☺️🥰
    Can't wait to hear the rest, recorded!❤️
    by Fat Freddy's Drop
  12. Recoded
    by SUBSET
  13. Bigger
    by Fazerdaze
    ❤️ thanks for sharing with us Amelia! 😊I might have to create a compilation for 2023 - fingers crossed before the year is out I can add another track or two to it? Nudge nudge 😉😉👀
  14. Bubblegum
    by Cigarettes After Sex
  15. Expert In A Dying Field
    by The Beths
    Your Side Your Side
    So Kiwi it hurts. In a fantastic, life-affirming, charming, self-deprecating manner, replete with self-aware ironic smile tugging at the corner of the mouth.
    I love the timing & key changes. Top notch indie jangly guitar-pop tending rock.

    "I Want to Listen" , and "Change in the Weather" Liz channels Anna Burch and manages to upstage her.
    I'm off to mix some drinks with my messages, then I might pin some hopes to the wrong pincushion! ❤
  16. Jump Rope Gazers
    by The Beths
    I'm Not Getting Excited I'm Not Getting Excited
    This might be the tightest "indie garage pop-tending-rock" album I know of.
    Arrangements are top notch.
    Correcting a glaring omission in my collection here by buying the Beths albums while it's still _just_ NZ Music Month!
    What an opening track!
    Jump Rope Gazers and Don't Go Away - instrumentation is outstanding on both tracks - tough choice, any one makes for a worthy choice as fave track.
  17. Future Me Hates Me
    by The Beths
    You Wouldn't Like Me You Wouldn't Like Me
    Current me is slightly miffed at past me for having been so dismissive of the first Beths track I was introduced to: "Whatever"
    I think it was being slammed everywhere - and my response to that track was in keeping with the title...
    I shoulda given them a chance.
    As someone keen on more than a couple of Flying Nun luminaries, I submit their work is so much better than that early radio single.
    "You Wouldn't Like Me". Soo catchy.
    Uptown Girl, is bangin', makes me wanna drink the whole town dry!
  18. Acceptance
    by TRUTH
    Well done chaps for capturing this vibe:
    Late autumn, 6am, dawn.
    Senses heightened, feeling something is different, you step outside.
    The Canty Nor'wester sighs warmly past your legs, gently rustling the dry leaves.
    The wind may yet fling the cloud blanket off the city.
    The sun alights the clouds from underneath, they're set aflame in gold.
    The city is quiet, even the animals are subdued - they know to respect the magic of the hour.
    Brooding, thoughtful, introspective. Heady stuff.
  19. We're All The Same
    by Bryony Matthews
    I need to listen to this a few more times through before picking a favourite track.

    _Had_ to buy it now though. Not only is it BC Friday but also NZMM!
  20. Saturn Return
    by Soft Plastics
    My World/Your Girl My World/Your Girl
    So much to like in this indie-pop gem.
    HAD to buy this NOW, not just because it's good but also because: NZ Music Month