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  1. Hot on the Beach
    by Palberta
  2. far from here
    by clara joy
  3. Breathe in Breathe Out
    by clara joy
  4. Strange Days
    by Natacha Atlas
  5. Daughter
    by Lydia Loveless
  6. Angela Davis Speaks
    by Angela Davis
  7. Something in the Way
    by Palberta
    by Muriel Grossmann
  9. RoundAgain
    by Joshua Redman Brad Mehldau Christian McBride Brian Blade
  10. Anna McClellan 5-12-2018
    by Cities Under Cities on WXNA
  11. Hikikomori
    by Warui Musuko
    This is what you get when a whole bus full of gagaku runs head-on into the 21st century. Very sad that we don't have more from this artist.
  12. Songs I Made When the World Changed - EP
    by Natalie Holmes
  13. Intellectual
    by PowPig
    "Dreamier" than most of their work to date... They're expanding and experimenting, obviously, so now I can't wait to see the range of whatever comes next for Powpig.
  14. Songs I Love
    by Gemma Sherry
    This is so solid. Lovely, expansive interpretations and great recording. Most collections of "beloved" songs stick to a small canon -- this one goes far afield into things you may have never heard before
  15. Sings Bossa Nova
    by Gemma Sherry
    This little up-beat collection is perfectly executed. Love the cozy ensemble and of course her luscious voice. (Check out her other album, too... Looking forward to more.)
  16. Improvisation on Four Sequences at Festival Antigel - All Spatial Mixes
    by Suzanne Ciani
  17. Freedom Highway
    by Rhiannon Giddens
  18. Palberta Live @ Under The First Floor
    by Palberta
    Neat for alternative arrangements of work that's on "Roach"; gives some perspective on things in a non-studio setting. Rodents ❤ Nina Ryser and the crew!
    by Muriel Grossmann
    Love the rambling, thoughtful solos over those exotic, bubbling, squiggly accompaniment arrangements. Zowie.
  20. Dehiscence (2020)
    by Wendy Eisenberg