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  3. Song Against Corona
    by Ayuune Sule
  4. Keep The Cabin Above The Wata (Benefit Album)
    by Walter Gavitt Ferguson
  5. Habibi Funk 014: Solidarity With Beirut
    by Various Artists
    While this compilation isn't on par with Habibi Funk's usual releases, all the proceeds go to the Lebanese Red Cross/Crescent.
  6. Black Roots Music
    by Fantastic Negrito
    Bullshit Anthem Bullshit Anthem
  7. Talk - Action = Zero: A Compilation Benefitting Black Lives Matter
    by Rough Trade Publishing/Bank Robber Music
  8. Surf Music Contra o Fascismo
    by Reverb Brasil
    Death Surf Death Surf
  9. Let it Burn - Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Garage e Surf contra o Fascismo
    by Reverb Brasil
    Babababa Babababa
  10. Ndere’s War, Kadingidi Impressions
    by Sadam Seguya
  11. Mame Abdou Dia
    by DEMNA
    Astou Astou
    An album of extremely sensitively recorded & utterly enchanting acoustic Mandinkan music from Senegal, featuring exceptional ensemble work, guitar & vocals. Although the digital download contains no documentation about this exceptional album, the performers who appear on it or the details of & back-story to its recording, in a more just world, this release would be an international best-seller. Buy this album & make this a more just world.
  12. Boubacar Samaké & Tilébi's Band
    by DEMNA
    Nganakôro Donfoly Nganakôro Donfoly
    An exceptional album of kora-based Mandinkan music with vocals, complemented by what sounds like a transverse concert flute. Another extremely sensitively recorded and musically irresistible mystery delivered by Demna, without documentation of any sort, save the song titles, ensemble name and album cover. And so, the music is left to eloquently & exuberantly speak for itself. Without a doubt, one of the very best recordings released in 2017.
  13. Faso Yiriba
    by Faso Yiriba
    Doubabou Doubabou
    Faso Yiriba, an ensemble from Burkino Faso, create irresistible music by weaving a bewitching musical tapestry in which traditional Mandinka instruments--n'goni (including a 11-string n'goni), balafons, calabashes, and the shaker--are vividly intertwined with stirringly soulful vocals. Buy this album and instantly improve your life. (And please be as generous as possible when you do--it's technically a free digital download, which contains a few video clips, as well)
  14. Streetwise
    by Jaynii
    Street Children Street Children
    Produced by the children & staff of the Jaynii Streetwise Organization, "a multi-faceted NGO" based in Jamestown, Ghana, this is an irresistible album, & an excellent play/sing-along album for very young music lovers. All proceeds go towards JSO, so don't just buy this album for yourself, but get a copy for each of the children in your life.
  15. Ewaffe Ngoma Finale
    by Sadam Seguya
    Mamuu Ddembe Mamuu Ddembe
    Utterly entrancing, irresistably funky & insanely addictive. Along with its companion release, "Ewaffe Ngoma", also available via BandCamp, this is a leading contender for release of 2020.
  16. White African Power
    by Tanzania Albinism Collective
    Stigma Everywhere Stigma Everywhere
    An extremely moving album, full of emotionally raw, extremely personal testimonies in song. Unfortunately, the digital download doesn't contain a lyrics translation or any other explanatory materials or notes.
  17. Noumou
    Nana Nana
    It is incomprehensible that i am the first person to purchase this album. It is also impossible to choose a "favorite" track, as it is uniformly excellent. Kady Diarra's vibrant personality is the catalyst behind this beautiful, carefully crafted gem.
  18. Musique Hauka
    by Lingo Seini et son groupe
  19. Yehia Samaké - N'goni by night
    by Super Onze
  20. Mutende Mizimu. Vimbuza from Mzimba North
    by Doctor Kanuska Group