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  1. Ain't No Power
    by Tzipporah
    Ain't No Power (Like the Power of the People) Ain't No Power (Like the Power of the People)
    Tzipporah has a passion for standing up for what they believe. This is the honest sound of rebellion. It comes through the music in with raw energy combined with powerful lyrics. Melodic guitar compositions await you. A powerful ethnic folk voice speaking to us is on full display - and quite lovely.
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  2. Swim
    by The Arches
    Be Too Good For Me Be Too Good For Me
    We love this album because we are still together playing and doing what we love - making music!
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  3. Sun King
    by The Arches
    Enter Sun King Enter Sun King
    Inspired a bit by Louis XIV and New Orleans street musicians. Enjoy!
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  4. Last Hawaiian King
    by The Arches
    King Kalakaua King Kalakaua
    Another adventure by The a wave crashing on the shores of an uninhabited tropical island ...Enjoy!
  5. Ramjet Planchett
    by The Arches
    Amelia's Flight Amelia's Flight
    Amelia Earhart was the inspiration for this album. Her courage, stamina for getting things done in 1937. What happened on that last segment to Howland Island? Searches have turned up nothing and one can only she living with Aliens in outer space?
  6. sans voix
    by Aéroplane
    Espoirs Espoirs
    The expression of emotion through the guitar is raw and sweet as it develops into an anthem of hope. Love the distortion!
  7. The Silk Road
    by Nina Blade
    The Silk Road The Silk Road
    Very Archeseque in sound, but then again they back her on several tracks. Her creative style is emerging and we want more!
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  8. We Can Live Here Forever
    by Barely Civil
    Lost//Found Lost//Found
    The high quality of music production, catchy melodies, and of course relating to the Midwestern sensibilities make this album a joy. First year of college was at UW Eau Claire, so of course there is that....
  9. Resonant Body
    by Octo Octa
    Can You See Me? Can You See Me?
    This music makes you move! Maya creates such wonderful interplay of beat and melody making each song a rhythmic adventure!
  10. i,i
    by Bon Iver
  11. Psychedelic Kandiland (Original Soundtrack)
    by The Arches
    Granola Sunset Granola Sunset
    Original score for a movie about a young Russian immigrant, Miko, who lands in a small Midwest town and makes a difference in the local scene. The final scene is the town talent show where Miko shows up with the St. Agnus Church Choir and rocks the community with "Holy Burn" into a new musical era.
    Enjoy this new original score!
  12. Different Shades of Blue
    by The Buildings
  13. Moon Eyes
    by Ka Pala
    Eggshells Eggshells
    Great set of catchy pop groove tunes! The rhythm section of the bass and drums is joined by the guitar for a tight presentation that morphs into a jazzy fusion tune on Eggshells. Great vocals too! Listen, enjoy, repeat!
    by arthritis kid
    Best funeral ever Best funeral ever
    A unique blend of melodies, symphonic orchestrations, and a radio head opera feel to some of the songs...its different and fresh to us! It doesnt hurt to move around with Arthritis Kid playing.
  15. Ne m'appelle pas
    by Cœur de pirate
  16. Cedar Trees
    by 桜Sakura
    Color of the sky Color of the sky
    Chill melodies and beats that invite you to pause your life for a moment to enjoy Sakura's latest laid back release. Imagine sifting through old albums on the floor on a Saturday morning...and you find this!
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  17. The Surgeon's Knife
    by The Parlor
  18. Landslide Song, The Dig
    by Laura Stevenson
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  19. Joomanji
    by Joomanji
    "Ridin" "Ridin"
    The chill vibe and melodies throughout this set of songs is enjoyable and refreshing.
  20. His Teeth Did Brightly Shine
    by Earth
    The raw emotion and progression of the track pull you into the world of Earth. Into the mountain you will go on the epic journey of a life time.