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  1. A Stutter & A Start
    by Spring Offensive
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    A Stutter & A Start A Stutter & A Start
  2. Lonely Telephone
    by Essential Machine
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    Paper and Stars Paper and Stars
  3. Underneath the Earth
    by Essential Machine
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  4. Not Art (LP | 2013)
    by Big Scary
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    Luck Now Luck Now
  5. Vacation (LP | 2011)
    by Big Scary
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    Bad Friends Bad Friends
    Hitting several different pop and indie strides with ease, this brilliant blend of vocals and lyrical genius will have you relistening over and over.
    by Long Walks On The Beach
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    We're Growing Up We're Growing Up
    Guiltless pop that will get you dancing and singing along in your underwear to the old days of growing up and carefree love.
  7. You're Still a Lover
    by Santah
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    Springfield Springfield
    Bass. Piano. Beautiful vocals and lyrics. Is that an old 80s track I hear a tribute to? Oh, it's Santah. I am definitely a lover.
  8. White Noise Bed
    by Santah
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    Bat Suite Bat Suite
    Did Vampire Weekend/Grizzly Bear/The Villagers manage to have some amazing lovechild called Santah?
  9. Dark Eyes
    by Half Moon Run
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    She Wants to Know She Wants to Know
    Energetic and catchy. A great debut that will get you singing along in no time.
  10. Maps
    by Message To Bears
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    Moonlight Moonlight
    While the new album has a different electronica tinged feel to previous efforts; it still manages to stay achingly familiar to what made me fall in love with his music in the first place.
  11. El Ten Eleven (album)
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    Connie Connie
    Post/prog/instrumental rock?Whatever you debate about calling this genre, El Ten Eleven had it covered right from the start with their first brilliant album.
  12. TORRES
    by Torres
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    Don't Run Away, Emilie Don't Run Away, Emilie
    Mackenzie Scott raw vocals and lyrics teamed with her tearing guitar playing makes this album a real stunning debut.
  13. Transitions (album)
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    Transitions Transitions
    Refreshing take on post rock made even more amazing by the fact that this is just 2 guys and they can reproduce this live.
  14. You & I
    by The Dig
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    You And I Lost Control You And I Lost Control
    The Dig continue to impress with a quietly understated nod to the desolation of winter and emotion.
  15. Ancient Mars
    by The Zolas
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    Knot In My Heart Knot In My Heart
    There's something about the piano, vocals and lyrics that just make this album a real gem. Ultimate soundtrack to yearn for an ex girlfriend to.
  16. Tired Hearts EP
    by The Dig
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    Over You Again Over You Again
    80s inspired indie pop to remember why exes are exes.
  17. Worry Dolls
    by Worry Dolls
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    Darling Darling
    Banjo, mandolin, and two girls with the most stunning harmonies where their personalities both shine through - what isn't there to love?
  18. 'His Young Heart' EP
    by Daughter
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    Candles Candles
    Daughter at their best. Bitter words, beautiful voice.
  19. Notes for the Synthesis
    by The Seven Mile Journey
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    The Engram Dichotomy The Engram Dichotomy
    Post rock at it's absolute best, thank you Denmark.
  20. Miracle Mile
    by STRFKR
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    Sazed Sazed
    Can't help but groove in my chair while listening to this album. Indie, lo-fi, just too damn catchy.
  21. Folding Leaves
    by Message To Bears
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    Mountains Mountains
    Jerome somehow manages to capitalise on Departures with this beautiful album that always lulls me into a sense of calmness. And then it's even better live - blissful.
    by Waking Aida
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    Meanwhile... at Lounge Doom Meanwhile... at Lounge Doom
    Up and coming homegrown UK post rock.
  23. Wait Up
    by Bogan Via
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    Copy and Paste Copy and Paste
    This album justifies boy/girl bands completely. So catchy.
  24. Nameless Sons
    by Nameless Sons
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    Oh! You Pretty Thing Oh! You Pretty Thing
    Paul McLaney channels some more Like Stray Voltage rock guitars with his always enchanting vocals.