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  1. Recession Music
    by Prof & St. Paul Slim
  2. Shipwreck Live
    by Chris Connelly
  3. Music for City and Nature LP
    by Shook
  4. やさしい夜の幻想
    by 月町蛍光灯
  5. six+six
    by DANIEL B.
  6. Future Groove Product
    by Android52
  7. Shibuya Meltdown
    by Macroxx 82-99
  8. interdimensional portal leading to a cute place ft. snail's house (single)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  9. Cousins (feat. Cashinova)
    by Prof
  10. Fuck You It's Christmas
    by Prof
  11. Sturm & Drang Tour 2002
    by KMFDM
  12. Boots
    by KMFDM
    Back In The U.S.S.A. Back In The U.S.S.A.
  13. Poké & Chill
    by Mikel
  14. Masters Of The Universe (MOTU)
    by Binary Star
  15. The People's Choice
    by Nomeansno
  16. Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie
    by Nomeansno
  17. KMFDM - APART (from the previously unreleased album APART 1992)
    by KMFDM
  18. Skydiving!
    by iteachvader
  19. Win the Race
    by iteachvader
  20. Robotnik Rock
    by iteachvader