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  1. Waiting For Sunrise
    by April Rain
  2. Departure Songs
    by We Lost the Sea
    A Gallant Gentleman A Gallant Gentleman
    This was the album that got me to discover and appreciate post-rock. Absolutely great in it's own right, a Gallant Gentleman is always a delight.
  3. Three Weeks No Songs
    by Gregory and the Hawk
  4. Olly Olly Oxen Free
    by Gregory and the Hawk
    Whisper the Answer Whisper the Answer
  5. The Sea At The End Of Her String
    by Resina // Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch // Shida Shahabi
    Round Round
  6. Triumph & Disaster
    by We Lost The Sea
    Towers Towers
    A really great follow-up to Departure Songs. I don't think Triumph and Disaster hits the heights that the prior album did, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable album.
  7. Moenie and Kitchi
    by Gregory and the Hawk
    Two-Faced Twin Two-Faced Twin
    Discovered Gregory and the Hawk through Two-Faced Twin, absolutely glad for that discovery, my favorite band for the past four years and into the forseeable future.
  8. Leche
    by Gregory and the Hawk
    Landscapes Landscapes
    On most albums and bands I have listened to, I find I only really enjoy around a quarter to a half of what they produce. Gregory and the Hawk is the singular exception in this regard. Practically every song is great and relistenable. My only issue is that I can never keep a favorite song, nearly every song has been my favorite at least once.