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  1. Epoch
    by Tycho
    Horizon Horizon
  2. Bad Keys Drip
    by Egadz
    Dark Colors Dark Colors
  3. The Owl and The Lion
    by The Owl and The Lion
    Sob Begar (Old Memphis Song) Sob Begar (Old Memphis Song)
  4. bitsutra
    by bitsutra
    whatever works whatever works
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  5. Ancient Elk EP
    by Ancient Elk
    Cones Cones
  6. Heavier Percussion - 2014
    by Egadz
    Giant Steps Giant Steps
  7. Dinosaurs Are Gone
    by Garnier
  8. Alternate Worlds
    by Son Lux
    Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde
  9. Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia
    by Various Artists
    Lucho Neves y su Orquesta | Mambo de Machaguay Lucho Neves y su Orquesta | Mambo de Machaguay
  10. Boom Biddy Boom
    by Freschard
  11. iii Feel Sorry For Myself.
    by Phony Ppl
  12. Majestic Dimensions Vol. III
    by Man Mantis
    Cobraskin Wallet Cobraskin Wallet
  13. Darker Matter/// Mixtape 2
    by Geoff Rickly
    Crushed Penny Crushed Penny
  14. Deezy Bounce
    by Great Dane
  15. Majestic Dimensions Vol. 2
    by Man Mantis
    Myself In The Sea F. Terra Lopez Myself In The Sea F. Terra Lopez
  16. Just Trippin
    by Glue Trip
    La Edad Del Futuro La Edad Del Futuro
    Hermeto Pascoal and other influential Brazilian Avant-Guardists come to mind when listening to Glue Trip. Fuzzy, fat bass lines and lethargically stroked guitars embody some perfect sunny, carefree, distant summer afternoon that I long for.
  17. Majestic Dimensions: Vol. 1
    by Man Mantis
    Tracing Paper (ft. Nocando & Decomposure) Tracing Paper (ft. Nocando & Decomposure)
  18. Love Is The Answer
    by Rubedo
    Love Is The Answer Love Is The Answer
    Embracing pop undertones previously present in their music, Rubedo are emblazoning themselves as pop genre revivalists whose intentions are to deconstruct the current beast from the inside. Anthems about healing and unity are their dagger, unorthodox song structures and psychedelic digressions their armor. Battling against the current mainstream themes of elitism and status, Rubedo embodies true popularity: uniting everyone regardless of their disposition under a blanket of love and acceptance.
  19. CYNIC
    by Sister Crayon
    Cynic Cynic
  20. non•market comp 1
    by non•market
    "Electric Ladyland" "Electric Ladyland"
    A fun, yet intimate look into the tight-knit Oakland music scene. Non Market reaches into your head with familiar songs, and skillfully plants a little of themselves in your brain to cultivate a full-on addiction later. Tender vocals, ethereal electronic undertones, and elegantly poppy, this is definitely going on my choppin’ mix.
    P.S. This album, albeit covers, is so good I bought it twice.
  21. Plastic Infinite
    by Sculpture
    Plastic Infinite Plastic Infinite
    Yeah okay it's totally experimental, but look deeper and there’s something more akin to African polyrhythm or fusion jazz going on. Dancing to an “experimental” album is a rarity, but this one got me moving all around the office, and bus, and grocery store, and home.
  22. Sojourn #3 Single
    by Man Mantis
    Sojourn #3 Sojourn #3
    Released in conjunction with some freaky deeky art show featuring Nick Cave's Sound Suits, Man Mantis beautifully explores the relationship between modernism and tribalism. Much like the suits themselves, this music is whimsical yet serious, and below the seemingly soothing surface lies a forceful call to question norms and transcend boundaries.
  23. Softly Mad
    by mr. Gnome
    The Way The Way
    There's a lot of things that I'm a sucker for: Power duo's, cute front women, feel good lyrics, killer guitar tones, and awesome style. This embodies all of that and more, which got me so excited I punched myself in the dick by accident. I can't wait for the next album, and the next time Mr. Gnome is in town!
  24. Diamond Mine
    by Hop Along
    The raw lovely rasp of Frances' voice paired with the spacious jolts of melody from Mark and Tyler is like butter on a hot English muffin; All the fluffy nooks and crannies fill up with warm, golden, goodness.
  25. Feel The Cosmos
    by The Hoot Hoots
    Home Home
    Great music to happily stomp your feet to. Giddy synth tones and bittersweet lyrics invite the listener to enjoy the fleeting feeling of joy in every moment. Like young love (sigh) remember that stuff..
  26. To cure what ails...
    by Shakey Graves
    Every time this guy comes to town he has three times more fans than the visit before. Maybe its because he's got a cool homemade suitcase kick drum, maybe its because his voice is so utterly bewitching, who knows..
  27. Birdeyes
    by RUMTUM
    Unconventional, hearty beats that are perfect motivation while on the go, lounging, having fun, or working your ass off. RUMTUM's supreme skill and intellectuality are captured more completely with each new record, so keep up!
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  28. Taylor
    by Wheelchair Sports Camp
    It ain't no secret that WSC is mad fuckwitable. So Imma keep it all the way real wit ya'll…you need to bump this 'ish right tha' fuck now! The beats, I ain't mad at 'em, but the lymerick recitin' daaammmnnn. Namsayin ya'll?
  29. Into Our Neighborhood After Dark
    by 1430s In Art
    The First National The First National
    A big dicked, post punk indie band that quenches my inner teen angst without making me feel the guilt of not maturing musically past high school. 'Cause I did, I just don't have to prove it to you fucks.
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  30. Emotions Down
    by Turner Jackson & Big J. Beats
    Sometimes it can be hard to sit and listen to something that you’ve seen performed with such vivaciousness that the floorboards bend and sweat drips from the walls, but this album does quite nicely. In the most serious way possible, Turner Jackson reminds us about the better things in life and prescribes a method to not lose sight of them. And if you haven’t caught him at a live show, you are sooooo dumb.
  31. oceangun
    by alphabets
    Its hard to pick which song, or album is my favorite from alphabets, mostly because there's so damn many, from all corners of electronic, and most are REAL baller. The only guy I know who can drop eight albums at once and keep my attention.
  32. A Wonderful World ft. MURS & Kyle Gray
    by The Insects
    This track has hecka positive swank. I'm mesmerized by the melodic hook and bold verses; MURS and Kyle Gray eloquently use hip hop to explore themes not often embraced by the genre: Love, unity, rebirth and cycles.
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  33. The Conversation Killer
    by Tall City
    Way, way the fuck out there... and I totally dig it.
  34. Crawlers
    by The Marrow
    I'm Watching You I'm Watching You
    A 2011 snapshot and current reminder of the great talent that lives in Denver. The Marrow may be quiet at the moment but that’s just because all the members moved on to, and are currently doing great things. I only wish they had more time to mature into their full potential as this incarnation. I really miss this band...
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  35. Swoon
    by St Ranger
  36. Stars Aligned
    by Summer Twins
  37. Close To Death
    by Crazy Eyes
  38. Earl Juice EP
    by Real Cosby
    Earl Juice Earl Juice
  39. Don't Rush
    by husband&wife
  40. Mute Woods (Sheiks)
    by LI XI
  41. Death March
    by Posole
  42. I Haven't Really Been Living
    by Confluence
    Founded Way Founded Way
  43. I've Got Something I Can Laugh About
    by Ash Reiter
  44. Let's Always Hang Out Together, Okay?
    by Baby Ghosts
    Ghost Girlfriend Ghost Girlfriend
  45. Daytime
    by Former Friends of Young Americans