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  1. War Drum feat $pyda (50 Carrot Remix)
    by Caspa
  2. Vandull Acapella Pack
    by Vandull
  3. Mediweight EP
    by Vibe Emissions
  4. Psyndica Artist Archive 001
    by Psyndica
  5. DUPPLATES Vol. 2
    by Ternion Sound
  6. DUPPLATES Vol. 1
    by Hebbe
    Lemon Twist Lemon Twist
    excited to be a part of Duploc history :)
  7. MiKrodot - Deeply Rooted LP
    by The Undergrowth
    you totally nailed the classic dubstep vibes and atmosphere.... truly about a movement :) great work!
  8. 2018
    by SH-1
  9. Titans EP [ADMEP005]
    by Wraz
  10. Electric 88 / Into Reality [DANK039]
    by Volume A ft. Bnml
  11. Obelisk
    by Champagne Drip
  12. Mad EP (VCEP020)
    by Roklem & Sebalo
  13. MANIAC
  14. Arrival
    by Pi Wrecks
  15. Nightlight / Slumber (SGDN011)
    by Vibe Emissions
  16. Certified Organic - Free Promo Compilation
    by Various Artists
  17. Bushido EP (VCEP014)
    by Drew's Theory
  18. Insomnia EP [ADMEP006]
    by Ahkur
  19. Follow EP (VCEP019)
    by Ramsez
  20. Nocturnal Status & DR.EZ - In the Building EP
    by Nocturnal Status & DR.EZ
  21. 420 Free EP (2018)
    by Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz
  22. Get To Work EP
    by The Maker
  23. Byte Evaders EP
    by Jade Cicada
  24. Impermanence LP
    by Sense Impression
  25. [Noctem001] Basiclee - Maximus Versions \\\ featuring The Widdler + Max Mischief
    by Basiclee
    by Esseks
  27. Happy Accidents (VCS005)
    by SBK.
    smooooooooooth jazzy dub vibes. Love the release artwork as well :) One of my faves from you guys so far!
  28. Entangled
    by Know Matter
    Stochio Chemical Stochio Chemical
    waves on waves on waves folks
  29. Mataafa [DANK034]
    by Ternion Sound
  30. DUPLOC021 - Ternion Sound
    by Ternion Sound
    Verify Me Verify Me
    blast your head off heavy!
  31. Rattle (VCS004)
    by Parrotice
  32. Absolute / Shoreline, Hallandale [DANK035]
    by Drew's Theory
  33. Curio
    by Minnesota
  34. 001
    by Grundy
  35. Dipped In Gold
    by DaichiFox
  36. Canyon Dance EP
    by Glass Cannon
  37. Abstraction
    by Ovoid
  38. Kermit EP
    by Uprising
    both of these are bangers indeed!!
  39. Lysergic Summer Depths
    by Pilz Beats
  40. Activation Sequence
    by Zenturion
  41. Strange Matter
    by DeeZ
  42. Ideatio(N)
    by Transcendent Tunes
    looking forward to hearing all of these! :) Love Compos Mentis !
  43. Denizens
    by wiseyoungfool
  44. Glass Cannon - Strange Toes [Remixes]
    by WUMP Collective
    Glass Cannon - Dafia (Pi Wrecks Remix) Glass Cannon - Dafia (Pi Wrecks Remix)
  45. Strange Toes
    by Glass Cannon
    thanks Glass Cannon! : ) Well worth the purchase! amazing vocals meet crazy production!