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  1. 4Track
    by The Floating Mountain Band
  2. The Curse of Castle Bungenstein
    by Prosthetic Bung
  3. South Locust
    by Swallow the Rat
  4. Canary in a Coalmine
    by Graeme Jefferies
  5. Hog Porridge & Heffalumping
    by Graeme Jefferies
  6. De Da De Dum
    by Pip Proud
  7. Feed Me To The Doves
    by Guardian Singles
  8. Ringlets
    by Ringlets
  9. My Resolution is Free
    by P Wits
  10. GREYMOUTH "Parked Up"
    by Greymouth
  11. CITTA' '93
    by Les Rallizes Dénudés
    by Strapping Fieldhands
  13. Chill In My Vein
    by Lori Watt
  14. The Egg That Never Opened
    by High Castle Teleorkestra
  15. 66
    by Hiss Explosion
  16. Moscovium
    by Planet Hunter
  17. Warlords
    by Bulletbelt
  18. Pestilential Warfare of the Black Flame
    by Methchrist
  19. Romance of the Black Pain otherwise Fallin' Love
    by Les Rallizes Dénudés
  20. Playthings
    by Playthings