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  1. The First 100 Songs
    by Anal Trump
  2. Don't Waste Your Time
    by Unto Others
  3. Hopeless
    by Destroyer of Light
  4. Psalms For The Mourning
    by Funeral Horse
  5. The Final Solution
    by The Blood Royale
  6. Alpha Bitch
    by The Blood Royale
  7. Fucked Up Adventurous
    by Jody Seabody & The Whirls
  8. A Ruined Oak
    by Omotai
  9. Unleashed Upon This World
    by Chemicaust
  10. Cosmic Crypt
    by Mammoth Grinder
  11. Sixth Mass Extinction
    by Rise from Fire
  12. Pyreship/Forming the Void-Split
    by Pyreship
  13. Neptune
    by Boudain
  14. Walking Among the Blind
    by Stone Machine Electric
  15. 2013.02.07
    by Stone Machine Electric
  17. Oracle
    by Orcanaut
  18. Thorr-Axe / Archarus - The Hobbit Split-Album
    by Archarus
  19. Gypsy Sun Revival
    by Gypsy Sun Revival
  20. Make America Say Merry Christmas Again
    by Anal Trump