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  1. Tsukihoshihi
    by Nadja
  2. Pedernal
    by Susan Alcorn Quintet
  3. Stringers & Struts
    by Rempis/Parker/Flaten/Cunningham
  4. Music of Inevitable Sounds
    by LUC EX
  5. The Shape Of Things To Come
    by Tarun Balani
  6. Swirling
    by Sun Ra Arkestra
  7. "RAIN"
    by Michael Gregory Jackson
  8. Snapdragon
    by Oz Noy
  9. Al Di Meola Style Latin Rock Fusion Backing Track [A Aeolian 117 BPM (Halftime)]
    by Now YOU Shred
  10. Pocket Poem
    by Anthony Pirog
  11. Compass Confusion
    by Junk Magic
  12. Derviche
    by Brochard & Favriou
  13. Nervios calavera en roja cinta en una noche en bruma gualda
    by Federico Musso and Jessica Ackerley
  14. The Most Famous Ghetto Groove Backing Track [Bb Dorian - 115 BPM]
    by Now YOU Shred
  15. Ultimate Funkadelic Line Cliche [F Minor -75 BPM]
    by Now YOU Shred
  16. Molecular
    by JAMES BRANDON LEWIS QUARTET with Aruán Ortiz, Brad Jones, Chad Taylor
  17. The Unidentifiable
    by Matthew Shipp Trio
  18. Natural Selection
    by Dan Weiss
  19. Michael Gregory Jackson's SIGNAL! Live EP!
    by Michael Gregory Jackson
  20. Santana John Mclaughlin Style Live 1970's Funky Latin Jam [F# Phrygian - 125 BPM]
    by Now YOU Shred