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  1. Niflheim
    by Ager Sonus
  2. Emotional Axes
    by Herne
  3. Where the floor starts to fade
    by Velvet Rope Crowd Control
  4. Flotsam & Jetsam
    by Bing Satellites
  5. Foundations Of The Earth
    by Torus Dome
  6. Distant Past Spirituality
    by Torus Dome
  7. Vetus Mundus
    by Torus Dome
  8. Sacred Extent Of The Soul
    by Torus Dome
  9. Etched Eternal
    by Torus Dome
  10. Broad Tape Band
    by Nacht Plank
  11. Advent
    by Randal Collier-Ford
  12. On Opposites
    by Darren McClure
  13. Movanta
    by Alexandre Centeio
  14. Body Electric
    by Steve Roach & Vir Unis
  15. Blue Mountain
    by Private Mountain
  16. Shortwave Ruins
    by Mount Shrine
  17. Organic Adventures
    by Natural Life Essence
  18. Dark Water Pond
    by Circle Of Pines
  19. Superradiance
    by Deepspace
  20. María Sabina Cubensis
    by Nacht Plank