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Terry Konwan

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  1. Deader Than Disco
    by the Big Nose Attack
  2. F*head Entropy
    by The Last Drive
  3. Zero Hits
    by Bazooka
  4. Let It Burn
    by Goat
  5. The Last Drive
    by The Last Drive
  6. Homowo
    by Basa Basa
  7. Polygondwanaland
    by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  8. ΝΟΜΟΣ 751
    by ΝΟΜΟΣ 751
  9. Try My Robe (Live)
    by Goat
  10. Zvara/Karakolia EP
    by VIC
  11. Gorod Zero
    by Minerva Superduty
  12. HAND & LEG - Dogshit Country
    by Hand & Leg
  13. NOMOS 751 - Ola Ginane Skata
    by Nomos 751
  14. DUCHESS SAYS "Sciences Nouvelles" LP
    by Duchess Says
  15. Requiem
    by Goat
  16. Poisonous Legacy
    by Sarabante
  17. Yet Further
    by Sioum
  18. The Great Fandango
    by Dustbowl
  19. GAY ANNIVERSARY "New In Class" 10 inch LP
    by Gay Anniversary
  20. Super Van Vacation
    by 1000mods
  21. Loyal to the Pack
    by Planet Of Zeus
  22. Goin' Down
    by Dustbowl
  23. Suicide Avenue / Winter's Almost Gone
    by Dustbowl
  24. Troublebound & Lonesome
    by Dustbowl
  25. Black River’s Chest [The Burden Revisited] / Flamin' Rose
    by Dustbowl
  26. Dialing Up The Cutter EP
    by Chronoboros
  27. Yes exactly, maybe not.
    by One Leg Mary
  28. Ass
    by rita mosss
    by rita mosss
  30. I, a Seawolf, a Madman.
    by One Leg Mary
  31. A Constant Loss Departs From the Sentiment of the Abandoned
    by Calf
  32. Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy
    by Calf
  33. Outburst
    by Instant Boner
  34. Earths Collide
  35. Minerva Superduty
    by Minerva Superduty
  36. Mucktub
    by Spaztik Munkey
  37. Dissociation
    by Kalpa
  38. Bazooka "EP" (Self released 2009)
    by Bazooka
  39. BAZOOKA "Useless Generation" LP
    by Bazooka
  40. I Sing In Silence
    by Goat
  41. The last man in Terminus (LP)
    by Horizon
  42. EP
    by Naxatras
  43. WEDGE
    by WEDGE
  44. Change
    by Universe217
  45. Black Echo Trap
    by Birthday Kicks