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  1. Science Fiction Eyes
    by Chris Conway
  2. The Horsetamer's Daughter
    by Julia Ecklar
    Splendid. An epic story and a theatrical musical arrangement. What a great piece of work.
  3. Beam Me Up
    by The Faithful Sidekicks
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  4. Han Solo For President
    by The Faithful Sidekicks
  5. The Wreck of the Martian Observer
    by Sunnie Larsen
    Beautiful vocals, a sophisticated arrangment and nice rendition of this "space story." Everyone loves a good shipwreck song, right? This one is majestic.
  6. When I Was A Boy
    by Steve Macdonald
    Such a fun song, in my case from the perspective of one who witnessed the era 2nd hand. I love the singing audience. Must have been a really fun performance.
  7. Kiss in the Rain (Kowalski's song)
    by The Blibbering Humdingers
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  8. Merlin's Lament
    by Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
    I found this when in the process of looking for a different artist. This song is so beautiful that I had to just buy it. Beautiful vocals. Gentle yet powerful. Nice!
  9. Lost In Translation
    by John McDaid
    So well written and so relevant. Great job!
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  10. Annie's Luck
    by Echo's Children
    It took me a few listens to figure out what this song was about - then, what a delight! Great musically and lovely song, and true filk!
  11. WashYourHands
    by Cat Faber
    What fun!
    I think this song should be sung on opening night of every convention...with some more verses for flu, colds & maybe some other diseases too.
    I've been saying that I hope a good thing to come out of this pandemic, is for hand sanitizer to be present at all cash registers. Coronavirus isn't the only thing we'd do well not to spread around.
    We should share this song with nurses everywhere, because this is a mantra we want everyone to sing - Wash your hands. ♥
  12. FREE ALBUM: Songs of Common Ground
    by Talis Kimberley
    The Great State of Nowhere The Great State of Nowhere
    Lovely piece about our oneness. I love the writing, the tune (like an anthem) and the performance. Talis Kimberley's voice is like a mix between Kate Rugsby and Melanie. Beautiful. Thank you for this whole album!

    Damned if You Don't - GREAT song. Rings true to me. Love the singing and guitar playing.

    I like a lot of songs on this album, and the singing is sweet and powerful. The album is still new to me, so I'm still in the process of discovering this collection.
  13. Goodnight, Sarah-Jane
    by Talis Kimberley
    So pretty. I didn't know who this song was about, so I searched the web and found The Sarah Jane Adventures. Ah... this must be her then.
    What a lovely tribute. I want to know more...
  14. ALBUM: Ancient Sky
    by Talis Kimberley
    I especially love Any Kind of Light. What a beautiful and personal song.
    It moves me deeply.

    My personal musical tastes leans towards acoustic, so my favorite songs on this album are those ones, but the others are well done too.
  15. Somebody Will (Live from Balticon 2013)
    by Sassafrass
    A beautifully written song for those who dream of the future and those who help it come to be. It is a nicely done choral piece.
  16. Child of the Library
    by Piers Cawley
    Do I EVER love this track!
    A wonderful song that I'm sure has many people who would relate to, in terms of the role of libriaries in our communities and for ourselves.
    I've done what I can to share it "far and wide," as you suggest in the You Tube video I watched of you singing it.
    Beautiful, well written song, and a lovely voice.
  17. Mordred's Lullaby (Queens of Avalon)
    by Heather Dale
    SO good.
    Powerful and beautiful.
    Fantastic performance and arrangement.
    A good one to close your eyes and be taken away by the story being told.
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  18. Water
    by Cathy McManamon
  19. Agent of Chaos
    by Cathy McManamon
  20. Some See The Glass Half Empty
    by Eric Coleman