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  1. The Con
    by Warrior Tribes
  2. Petrichor
    by Petrichor
  3. Locked Up
    by Locked Up
  4. Ghastly, Graven & Grimoireless
    by Battlemaster
  5. Diaz Brothers
    by Diaz Brothers
  6. Primeval
    by Venom Prison
  7. The Seeker split
    by Sidetracked
  8. Vengeance...Of The Damned
    by Bastard Priest
  9. Vengeance...
    by Bastard Priest
  10. Inhuman Nature
    by Inhuman Nature
  11. Split w/ Beartrap
    by Hummingbird Of Death
  12. Show Us The Meaning Of Haste
    by Hummingbird Of Death
  13. Wounded Paw - s/t
    by Coxinha
  14. Bear Witness
    by Blind Rage Records
  15. Female Hysteria
    by Clueless
  16. Uniform Repression
    by Peace Test
  17. Wounded Paw
    by Wounded Paw
  18. Staged Suicide
    by Found Dead
  19. What’s Wrong With Us (featuring John Paul White)
    by Shonna Tucker
    by Regional Justice Center