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  1. No Waves, Just Sharks
    by The Mad Doctors
    Springwater Supper Wizard Springwater Supper Wizard
    Their fuzzurfy (surfuzzy?) sound caught me completely by surprise. It's upbeat and dark at the same time. It's absolute madness and I adore it!
  2. high octane Diesel
    by Marant
    Kathy's Trophy Kathy's Trophy
    Lives up to the title. That's all you need to know. Now play it already.
  3. Die Gejagten
    by Katal
    So Sehr So Sehr
    Unfairly overlooked. A great stoner album with just the right amount of fuzz in the intruments and emotion in the vocals.
  4. Eyes and Tongues
    by Desert Colossus
    When you have many different influences, you risk being all over the place. That is not the case here. Eclectic stoner/desert rock with a dash of just about every sibling genre, but extremely well rounded. Finding it difficult to pick a favourite here. Colossal album by the Colossus.
  5. Ode to Io Deluxe Edition (Remastered)
    by Lowrider
    Lameneshma Lameneshma
    I'm quite used to discovering things rather late, but this one has to qualify for a medal of some sort. We're talking about the true spiritual descendant of the American '90s stoner scene, and it's the final third of 2022 now. This is downright amazing, fully loaded, fuzzy stoner/desert rock throughout; not a bad song on the entire album or the added demo.
  6. The Man Behind the Machine
    by El Gordo
    Black Diamond Black Diamond
    Classic Swedish school of stoner. If you enjoy Lowrider, Truckfighters and the lot, you'll enjoy this one too. Regardless of that, give it a try, you'll be hooked in no time!
  7. Mother of All
    by She Loves Pablo
    All Down All Down
    Truly the mother of all groovy stoner albums 'round these parts, it delivers a seemingly endless load of sound and riffs. If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out. She loves Pablo, and so will you.
  8. Interstellar Movement
    by Avalanche
    I never knew I needed sci-fi storytelling, sludgy/stonery metal with punk vocals in my life until I heard this badass piece of work.
  9. Lost Echo's
    by Ghost Woman
    Demons Demons
    Raw proto-punk akin to the Stooges meets chill vocals. Love the overall atmosphere of this EP and can't get enough of it.
  10. As Old as the Hills
    by Usud
    Resurrection Resurrection
    Oh boy, has the notification of this release brightened my day! I'd already buried this album, mourned it and moved on with my life. I never thought it'd see the light of day.

    Superb atmospheric death metal with plenty of blackened riffs. A great mix worth the wait.
  11. The Magnetic Ridge
    by Jack Harlon &The Dead Crows
    Absolved Pt. 1 Absolved Pt. 1
    The psychedelic escapades of mr. Harlon and his flock of dead crows are a new discovery for me, but one of my favourites in the past few years. Dark exploration of the human state, but with a tint of hope and determination.
  12. Hymns
    by Jack Harlon &The Dead Crows
    Byroad Byroad
    My favourite installment in the series. Got drawn into Jack's story through The Magnetic Ridge and worked my way backwards. This one just hits the sweet spot between stoner, doom and blues.
  13. Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows
    by Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows
    Peyote Sandman Peyote Sandman
    by Mollo Rilla
    End Times Preacher End Times Preacher
    Catchy rifftastic rock? Check. Slow and doomy? Got it. Bluesy and emotional? Yeah, no problem. These guys can do it all, and with talent. I'm getting Gizzard vibes with all this versatility being thrown around.
  15. Viva El Camino
    by Mollo Rilla
    Rage the Day Rage the Day
  16. Mandala
    by Mandala
    Constructor Constructor
    Mandala never disappoints. Driven, heavy and powerful.
  17. Can't Steal It
    by Larska
    Jeffrey Jeffrey
    Interweaving heavy and dreamy sequences. Very groovy instrument combo. Kind of a grungy feeling to it, too.
  18. LOST IN SPACE 20th Anniversary Re-release
    by Rollerball
    Raw, fuzzy rock'n'roll machine. I'm late to the party, but better late than never. Crack open a beer and enjoy!
  19. Fever Fantasy
    by Sasquatch
    It Lies Beyond The Bay It Lies Beyond The Bay
    Immediately hooked on the opener. The mighty Sasquatch are as groovy as ever.
  20. Maneuvers
    by Sasquatch
    Just Couldn't Stand The Weather Just Couldn't Stand The Weather