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Terence J. Miles

  1. Isle, Minnesota
  2. Rock
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  1. Advent (abridged)
    by Advent
  2. Katzen Kapell
    by Katzen Kapell
    Astounding creativity and musicianship; folk music for the brain.
  3. Origin Story
    by Button Masher
    Proof that technical and harmonic sophistication doesn't have to be cold hearted. Just a total joy to listen to and study.
  4. Metamorphosis EP (24 bits)
    by Pandora Snail
  5. Live at Babooinumfest
    by Pandora Snail
  6. Metamorphosis EP (16 bits)
    by Pandora Snail
  7. War and Peace
    by Pandora Snail
  8. The Sound of Thoughts
    by Robert Svilpa
  9. Tributes 1
    by Robert Svilpa
  10. a fine line between... (2016)
    by Robert Svilpa
  11. To sleep perchance to dream
    by Robert Svilpa
  12. It's A Holiday
    by Material
  13. inkflies
    by the unknown new
  14. As the Waters Cover the Sea
    by Umpfel
    As the Waters Cover the Sea As the Waters Cover the Sea
    Jaw dropping musicianship and creativity. Enough tonality to draw you in combined with enough adventure to transport you beyond.
  15. The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren
    by The Ed Palermo Big Band
    Terrific arrangements and execution with a buoyant lightness of feel. Ed and company sure make it look easy.
  16. 8Ball City
    by Kenner
  17. Visions From A Distant Past
    by Proportions
  18. Zen Walk
    by Andy West and Craig Pallett
  19. Through Darkened Glass
    by Dee Palmer
    At The Still Point At The Still Point
    Ms. Palmer's sincerity is as irresistible as her immense composition skills. A beautiful, brilliant album.
  20. BNJO & GTR
    by Adam Kiesling