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  1. Suicide Swans e.p.
    by Suicide Swans
  2. Out of Sight
    by Jake Xerxes Fussell
  3. What in the Natural World
    by Jake Xerxes Fussell
  4. O Bronder, Donder Yonder?
    by An American Forrest
  5. Hej Alla Barn
    by Doktor Kosmos
  6. Bloodroot
    by Bohannons
  7. Don't Dig These Modern Tymes - LP
    by The Kryng
  8. Jericho Sirens
    by Hot Snakes
  9. Ghosts We Forget
    by Suicide Swans
  10. Augusta
    by Suicide Swans
  11. la Jungla
    by Suicide Swans
  12. The High Cost of Living Strange
    by Ben de la Cour
  13. The Dahlmanns - American Heartbeat
    by Beluga Records
  14. When I Was a Boy
    by Adam Remnant
  15. Sourwood
    by Adam Remnant
  16. I Love You All The Animals
    by the Hellenes
  17. Revenge of the Doberman (Vol. 3)
    by Robbie Fulks
  18. Revenge of the Doberman (Vol. 4)
    by Robbie Fulks
  19. Revenge of the Doberman (Vol. 2)
    by Robbie Fulks
  20. Revenge of the Doberman (Vol. 1)
    by Robbie Fulks
  21. 5 Covers & A Song
    by Andrew Combs
  22. Someday Everything Will Be Fine
    by Spider Bags
  23. My Times with You
    by Tim Lancaster
    by H.C. McEntire
  25. A Line Cook's Guide to New Satanic Empires
    by Mike Nicolai
  26. The Why Oh Whys - S/T
    by Beluga Records
  27. Don't Skip Out On Me
    by Richmond Fontaine
  28. Kommer Med Fred
    by Spids Nøgenhat
  29. Galmandsværk
    by Uffe Lorenzen
  30. Anything Could Happen
    by Bash & Pop
  31. Champion
    by Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line
  32. You Can't Beat Youth
    by The Maharajas
  33. One Of Us
    by Cash Savage and The Last Drinks
  34. Toads of the short forest - Mindmower
    by Beluga Records
  35. Country Songs
    by Karen Jonas
  36. Bordeaux
    by Brian Ritchey
  37. Bright As You Can
    by The Mike + Ruthy Band
  38. Wake
    by Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line
  39. The Wildness
    by Joey Kneiser
  40. Sagol 59 & Ami Yares - The Promised Land (The Original Studio Album)
    by The Promised Land
  41. Broadside Ballads (Canadian Edition)
    by Ryan Boldt
  42. Sam Outlaw EP
    by Sam Outlaw
    by Tami Neilson
  44. Spend It All
    by Bow Thayer featuring Levon Helm
  45. Paint Another Layer On My Heart
    by Caleb Caudle