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  1. Vices/Narratives split
    by Vices/Narratives
  2. Dream In Motion
    by Kirk Windstein
  3. Dream In Motion
    by Kirk Windstein
    Once Again Once Again
    Kirk writes nothing but outstanding music, Bravo !!
  4. Mojo Rising
    by Psychlona
  5. Walking in the Air
    by GURT
  6. Hell Camino
    by Hell Camino
  7. Orange Lily
    by Hell Camino
  8. Jaws of The Ouachita
    by Hell Camino
  9. Underground
    by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight
  10. Hot
    by Stew
  11. People
    by Stew
  12. Bongs of Praise
    by GURT
  13. Bongs of Praise
    by GURT
    The Joint of No Return The Joint of No Return
    Gurt's version of punkish stoner doom is refined on this solid recording.
  14. Lord of the New Depression
    by Restless Spirit
  15. Key to the Universe
    by Mage
    Facts Facts
    Superb!! Pounds like a sledgehammer. Sounds better the louder you play. Let the neighbors hear this one.
  16. Destination Void
  17. Solitude And Savagery
    by Barbarian Hermit
    by Barbarian Hermit
  19. And All Will Be Desolation
    by Allfather
  20. Ballads of The Godless
    by 1968
  21. Doomed & Stoned in South Africa
    by Doomed & Stoned
  22. Purple Kong EP II
    by purplekong
  23. Green
    by Mage
  24. Sludge Doom And Hard Noise
    by Taxi Driver Records
  25. Losing All
    by Losing All
  26. Deny Everything
    by Contra
  27. Doomed & Stoned in Ireland
    by Doomed & Stoned
  28. IDLE
    by IDLE
  29. Broken Down
    by Blunt
  30. Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos
  31. Sleuthfoot
    by Sleuthfoot
  32. Morphine Moonshine
  33. Warlord
    by Birnam Wood
  34. Triumph of Death
    by Birnam Wood
  35. Shrine of the Serpent / Black Urn Split
    by Black Urn
  36. Tape Eater
    by Tape Eater
  37. Hydrilla
    by Hydrilla
    appears in 1 other collection
    by GURT
  39. Mage EP ***FREE DOWNLOAD***
    by Mage
  40. CROWN
    by Hollow Leg
  41. Murder EP
  42. Green
    by Mage
    Green Green
    Stands up to the best Sabbath album. Top notch must have
  43. The Descent
    by Demonic Death Judge
  44. Skygods
    by Demonic Death Judge
  45. Demonic Death Judge & Coughdust - Split
    by Demonic Death Judge