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  1. The World Only Ends When You Die
    by Skyway Man
  2. New Truth
    by Jenny O.
  3. Vitamin T
    by KERA
  4. In the Key of Grey
    by Matt Dorrien
  5. Mariachi Static
    by Izaak Opatz
  6. Up On High
    by Vetiver
  7. The Ballad of Willy Robbins
    by Vikesh Kapoor
  8. Down by the River
    by Vikesh Kapoor
  9. Mariachi Static B-Sides
    by Izaak Opatz
  10. Grow
    by Bedroom
  11. Fa Fa Fa Fired
    by Ryan Oxford
    Scrambled Dreams Scrambled Dreams
    This record encompasses all the emotions you could feel whilst on a date with your best friend in the middle of spring. Milotic melodies lead enchanting songwriting thru gay lil harmonies that stay in your head all day. The reel 2 reel recording lends a very nice nostalgic sound that covers the whole thing in a hazy filter of good vibes and whimsy. pay for your homies next time you're flying kites or bumblin around the aquarium.

    real down with Scrambled Dreams and Talisman Butte
  12. Housebroken Man
    by Quiet Life
  13. Last
    by Saintseneca
  14. Wild Pack
    by Quiet Life
  15. Grow
    by Bedroom
  16. Petrichoral EP
    by Petrichoral
  17. Barna Howard
    by Barna Howard