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  1. Neuromancer
    by Phono Input
    Mona Lisa Overdrive Mona Lisa Overdrive
    Icebreakers-Coffins-Dex-Sense/Net-Construct-Dixie Flatline; music for the emergence of a static skyline.
  2. Promontory Drift
    by Hilyard
    Orogeny Orogeny
    17min at 432Hz = maximum oblivion.
  3. Modular Works V
    by State Azure
    Midnight Transit Midnight Transit
    Another excellent addition to the series.
    by Pest Control
    Infestation Infestation
    Call Pest Control to deal with those irradiated posers infesting your local thrash scene.
  5. Demo 2020
    by Pest Control
    The Fumigator The Fumigator
    Exceptional crossover-thrash with a vicious punk edge.
  6. Oath to Flame
    by POTION
    Hallucination Rites Hallucination Rites
    Potion may be the heaviest, nastiest doom band on the planet.
  7. Toronto - Nocturnal High
    by Toronto
    Iron Birds Iron Birds
    Tøronto is a speed metal city.
  8. Sub Life
    by Purl & protoU
    Sub Life Sub Life
    Incredibly detailed and immersive drone work. Their frequency hits a specific key in me that cause a complete regression into primordial intimacy. Shades of Robert Rich but with a fresher ear for composition.
  9. Circular Logic [CYD 0011]
    by Beyond Our Galaxy
    Cosmology Cosmology
    Imaginary film music for the cinema of the mind.
  10. World Extermination (LUNGS-178)
    Manipulator Manipulator
    Top-five all-time grind. Are you kidding me? It’s ridiculous.
  11. Contramutagen
    by Turtle Rage
    No Wage Working Class No Wage Working Class
    Shredder is out of step.
  12. Split with ill!
    by Turtle Rage
    The Story Continues The Story Continues
    Fastcore on the half-shell.
  13. Critical Thinking
    by Turtle Rage
    Party On Party On
    Turtle Power!
  14. Turning Point
    by Secret Stairways
    Into the Astral Wind Into the Astral Wind
    Have said this repeatedly but Secret Stairways came closest to capturing what Tangerine Dream did with their score for Legend.
  15. Drifting...
    by Secret Stairways
    Westgate Westgate
    Melancholic ambient music with a fantastic web of musical inferences. Highly reminiscent of the best 80’s fantasy movie scores.
  16. Chants of Liberation
    by Monasterium Imperi
    Salvatio Salvatio
    Ordo Malleus music.
  17. Uniform X Zombi
    by Zombi
    Shame (Zombi Remix) Shame (Zombi Remix)
    Two disparate artists bring their affinities together for an excellent remix project.
  18. Photosynthesis
    by Martin Stürtzer
    Sends Sends
    Continued high-quality audio output in the ambient dub tradition.
  19. Mundus Sanctorium
    by Monasterium Imperi
    Credo Ultima Credo Ultima
    More 40K-inflected monastic dark ambient. Excellent for grimdark meditating.
  20. Cadaver Traditions
    New Age Of Total Warfare (Warfare cover) New Age Of Total Warfare (Warfare cover)
    A master class in heavy metal history done up in that distinct Deceased style. Includes Some of these covers outstrip the originals.