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  1. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
    II - The Golden Age II - The Golden Age
    Beautiful, compelling, sad and mournful. For me personally, it surpasses Mgła's "Exercises in Futility" as the best black metal album of 2015. Pure gold.
  2. Revolving Floor
    by Chain Reaction
    Down Below Down Below
    This album eats everything recorded by Killswitch Engage alive, and sounds in a similar vein, but with much more gusto and soulfullness. It's a shame the band broke up sometime ago.
  3. 6Shooter EP
    by So I Scream
    Name It Name It
    By far one of the best and most stellar releases from the Polish independent bands in the last decade. It's a crying shame that no label picked up this material and the guys disbanded a few years back.