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  1. KARMACIPHER - Necroracle
    by Karmacipher
  2. Härd
    by Svederna
  3. First Stab
    by Hegony
  4. Second Stab - promo 2021
    by Hegony
  5. The Most Noble Adventures of Erebor's Finest Son, In His Quest To Butcher Orcs And Save The World
    by Gimli, Son of Glóin
  6. At Last; Durin's Mightiest Son Returns To The Field Of Battle With Axe In Hand And Glory In His Heart!
    by Gimli, Son of Glóin
  7. Uprising
    by Uprising
  8. Sickening Bliss
    by Regurgitate
  9. Final Bloodbath Session
    by Mortician
  10. Glam Not Slam
    by Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy
  11. Despair Anthems
    by Executioner's Mask
  12. Infinity Crime
    by ESCARE
  13. Betonkrebs
    by Zeit
  14. Relentless Mutation
    by Archspire
  15. Altars
    by Old Moon
  16. Violence Unimagined
    by Cannibal Corpse
  17. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
  18. Ofte jeg drømmer mig død
    by AFSKY
  19. Major / Bye Julia (Triptych EP)
    by Brutus
  20. The Sculpture
    by Blister Germinal