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  1. Witchcraft & Black Magic In The United Kingdom
    by Various Artists
  2. Senketsu No Night Club / No Nation - 剣刃上の雪 La Neve Sulla Lama
    by Signora Ward Records
  3. Senketsu No Night Club - Shikkoku
    by Signora Ward Records
  4. Senketsu No Night Club, Contagious Orgasm - merch Ukiyozoshi
    by Signora Ward Records
  5. Sun Pavilion
    by Triptides
  6. Geography
    by Bedchamber
  7. Psychic Summer
    by Triptides
  8. Threshold 発端
    by Dhidalah
  9. Kompromat
    by 10 000 Russos
  10. Komachi
    by Meitei
  11. Kwaidan / 怪談
    by Meitei / 冥丁
  12. In The Nightside Eclipse - 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition
    by Emperor
  13. 2 Weeks To 4 Months
    by Routine Death
  14. Magic Shoppe - Circles
    by Cardinal Fuzz Shop
  15. 稗海遺考 / Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean
    by 破地獄/Scattered Purgatory
  16. Just The Beginning
    by LUNACY
  17. Age of Truth LP
    by LUNACY
  18. Pulse Demon (Remaster Reissue)
    by Merzbow
  19. Lamagaia - S/T
    by Lamagaia
  20. Abronia - The Whole Of Each Eye
    by Abronia
  21. Anunnaki - Immanentize The Eschaton
    by Anunnaki
  22. The Grey Malkin
    by The Hare And The Moon
  23. The Hare And The Moon
    by The Hare And The Moon
  24. The Haunted Cabaret
    by Kentin Jivek & The Hare And The Moon
  25. Hermit
    by Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin
  26. Wood Witch
    by The Hare And The Moon
  27. Pilgrim
    by Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin
  28. The Hare And The Moon/ Futur Passé
    by The Hare And The Moon/ Futur Passé
  29. All The Pretty Little Horses
    by Current 93
  30. Two
    by Throw Down Bones
  31. Concept Unification
    by Pinkish Black
  32. Born From The Water
    by Victrola
  33. Die Form - Some Experiences With Shock LP
    by Dark Entries Records
  34. Sacred Islands Of The Mad
    by Nagamatzu
  35. Saturnus Cursus
    by Dao De Noize & Hiroshi Hasegawa
  36. Holy Day à Sainte-Mort
    by Sainte-Mort
  37. Sonora Remix
    by Vuelveteloca
  38. The Left Outsides - There Is A Place (repressing - Metallic Gold Pantone Printed Outer Sleeve)
    by Cardinal Fuzz Shop
  39. Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska - The Ascended Master Teachings Of Suzuki Junzo & Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska (2xLP)
    by Cardinal Fuzz Shop
  40. Firefriend - Avalanche (2xLP)
    by Cardinal Fuzz Shop
  41. Dead Lotus
    by Merzbow
  42. 幻滅情歌 Love Songs in Disillusion
    by 王子健 Wang Zijian
  43. Space Is The Key
    by SLIFT
  44. Floating Being
    by Earth Tongue
  45. Sun Pavilion
    by Triptides