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Ted Quinn

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  1. Pauline
    by Stagefright
  2. Hell's Bells
    by MODESTY
  3. 40 Tracks Before Transition
    by Em Brownlowe
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  4. Given Mortal Mission
    by leyla daze
    Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
    Her Given Mortal Mission is divine. The Unspeakable is Spoken Here! "Daddy greets the peaceful protest with a f****g baseball bat...the cops murder children while they serve and protect..." Leyla Daze gives me hope in this nightmarish age because she hears what's going on in our Dystopian reality and reports it back with humor, wild sounds and an electronic heartbeat. Music of our time because we deserve music now, as much as we ever did. Support people who make music that says something.
  5. Of This Dirt
    by Artemis
  6. The Surrender Of Time
    by Steve Lawson
  7. Referendum
    by Steve Lawson
  8. Gossamer Station
    by Daylong Valleys of the Nile
  9. 5 Spirits
    by Eliot Eidelman
  10. Shed Skin
    by Pat Hull
  11. desert rain
  12. Self-titled EP
    by The Whiskey Circle
  13. Lookout
    by Scott Pinkmountain
  14. For Now
    by Artemis, Steve Lawson & Daniel Berkman

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  1. LIVE 13
    by Teddy Quinn
  2. For Now
    by Artemis, Steve Lawson & Daniel Berkman