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  1. Far Out
    by GOATS
  2. Binary Planet
    by Hypercube & UNIC6
  3. Sound Track
    by Menhir
  4. A Night in Centralia
    by Cousin Silas
  5. Postcards
    by Crayon Angels
  6. Wintry Mix
    by Sarah Schonert
  7. Penguin Party
    by Sarah Schonert
  8. Songs About Sounds
    by Sarah Schonert
  9. Climate // Capital
    by Adzes
  10. Rebirth
    by Terrordyne
  11. IKIGAI
  12. The Ways to Heaven
    by Puppy Bordiga
  13. Dérive EP
    by Adrian Kwiatkowski & Igor Kokot
  14. Into It (i'm growing up)
    by Clyde Webb
  15. A Friend is a Stranger you Haven't Met Yet
    by mdk
  16. Desert: Ascension
    by The Last Weapon
  17. Close
    by Mark Wardale
  18. Woman with Head (ORLAN)
    by Scanner
    fan club exclusive
  19. Traumnovelle
    by Beltism
  20. Fate Fell Collective Sampler
    by Captain Crook Records
  21. Fuji Club Music
    by Ase Manual
  22. Twilight On The Trail
    by Silo's Choice
  23. The Quest for Maple Syrup
    by Captain Crook Records
  24. Fin
    by SINNEN
  25. indexOf
    by isvisible isinvisible
  26. Ghosts of New Mills
    by isvisible isinvisible
  27. Ghosts of Furness Vale
    by isvisible isinvisible
  28. BVRTH
    by BVRTH
  29. Rampike
    by BVRTH
  30. 27 Greatest Hits
    by Ryan Manhole
  31. The Exhibit Piece
    by Flamingo Jones
  32. primal synapsis
    by Hïdrō Recordings
  33. Algorhythmics
    by Hïdrō Recordings
  34. nbs!de-d0Mu
    by Hïdrō Recordings
  35. greown^
    by Hïdrō
  36. den feje konge • EP
    by Christos Farmakis
  37. The End
    by müesk
  38. A National Day Of Mourning
    by Bodies On Everest
    by Bodies On Everest & Lump Hammer
  40. я e v e я s e o s m o s i s
    by y o u r d i s c o v e r y
  41. Torus
    by Belial Pelegrim
  42. 3" Series Vol. 1
    by Ash Victim
  43. Coppice Movements
    by zakè
  44. Fictions
    by Rupert Lally
  45. The Burning
    by Bodies On Everest