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  1. Yearning for the Infinite
    by Max Cooper
    Aleph2 Aleph2
  2. ⊶⊑∷⌊∴⊹∵⌉∷⊒⊷
    by qebrus
  3. Various ‎– Breakcore Gives Me Wood
    by Breakcore Gives Me Wood
  4. Voodooism the Sequel
    by cYsmix
    Enchant Enchant
  5. Binary Blue : Answer
    by Diverse System
    xi - Blue quartz xi - Blue quartz
    Nice release with a unique atmosphere, calm not but lacking in tight rhythms.
    by Diverse System
    Sympathized Reality Sympathized Reality
    Good first release in the series. It gets a lot better, but this one is still solid.
  7. Haunted House
    by cYsmix
    Take a Stand Take a Stand
    Awesome electro/house album. Nothing generic to be found here, every track is special in some way.
  8. Brainwash - The Album
    by Round Wave Crusher
    by Diverse System
    The Survivor The Survivor
    This album was my introduction to trance, and it's still one of my all time favorites. All featured artists are at the top of their game here.
  10. Element4l - Original Soundtrack
    by Mind Tree
    This album is for you if you're a fan of detailed textures, heavy filtering and moving melodies. Reminds me of Amon Tobin.
  11. Emerging Organisms vol. 5
    by Various Artists
  12. Scintilla
    by Stendeck
    Catch The Midnight Girl Catch The Midnight Girl
  13. On The First Of November
    by Totakeke
    Totakeke proves he's still at the top of his game with an album that doesn't break any new ground, but is still as solid as his previous work and essential for every fan of his sound.
  14. Transience
    by Tangent
    Condensed Reality Condensed Reality
  15. Voodooism
    by cYsmix
    Souls of the Forest Souls of the Forest
  16. semantic compositions on death and its meaning
    by goreshit
    the nature of dying the nature of dying
  17. Emerging Organisms vol. 2
    by Various Artists
    Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea
  18. FEZ OST
    by Disasterpeace
    Forgotten Forgotten
  19. Accretion
    by Various Artists
    Endif: City Endif: City
    The best sampler of the Tympanik sound, as it contains only tracks by artists currently signed to the label. Tracks are loosely grouped by mood and genre, everyone's bound to find a favorite.
  20. The Lighthouse
    by Stereo Wildlife
    Departures Departures
    I discovered this via numb res, a PC demo. Amazing album that needs a lot more recognition.