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  1. Everyone (Magic Version)
    by FREE LOVE
  2. Down for Your Fantasy EP (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    by Person Of Interest
  3. I Feel Lit + Alden Tyrell Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    by LA-4A, Ambivalent
    by Domestica
  5. Insert Track Title + Person Of Interest Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    by De Sluwe Vos
  6. The Future Is Not What It Used To Be
    by Automatic Tasty
  7. Evocation
    by Correlations
  8. Clowns In The Maze
    by CH Rom
    An Invitation To The Hall Of Horrors An Invitation To The Hall Of Horrors
    After buying the Wharp & Rom album I appear to be hooked. Made a direct donation to SOS Racismo in Lisbon to celebrate. Fuck fascism everywhere.
  9. Sank Into The Chair — Music From Beyond The Dance
    by Optimo Music
  10. Workout EP (Free Download)
    by EeOo [aka] Eomac [aka] Lakker
  11. Radical American Hippy Kraut
    by Wharp & Rom
    Computers Computers
    Favourite discovery of 2020. Touches on so many sounds I love (think Eno, Conny Plank, DFA) whilst being totally its own thing. Stop reading this and buy it.
  12. We Don't Know Ep
    by Dj Nori
  13. 8 Ball
    by Steven Julien
  14. Cybernetic Movements by Luz1e
    by Luz1e
  15. Cole Dub EP
    by Time Wharp
  16. Us Against The World
    by Denny Pally
    Vegan Chops Vegan Chops
    This is a cracking EP, which manages to pull of the hard task of paying homage to well-worn genres whilst also feeling fresher than the cold side of the pillow.
  17. Dj Dolfin Snare 808 Machine
    by Machine Woman
    Who is Cnts Who is Cnts
    We is Cnts!
  18. Nocturne Edits 001
    by Unknown Artist
  19. Tape 3/Tape 4 (Full Album)
    by Felbm
  20. Phos
    by Miles Otto
    Toukan II Toukan II
    Toukan II is a proper journey (maaaaaaan). Have more ideas in it than most producers would have in four tracks. Bring back clubs so someone can play this.