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Teal Gardner

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  1. Microphones in 2020
    by the Microphones
    "I remember" is a phrase that sends us back. Yet, Phil captures the confusing circling movement of time through memory... Lucky are those of us who have grown up with his song. Maybe we can work to become closer to life through present tense. Maybe that is the project of us listeners. This album drags me across the groaning plates of earth as they move at the rate of a fingernail growing while we sleep at night. Thanks Phil.
  2. Desert Secretary
    by Desert Secretary
  3. at home
    by Hand Habits
  4. ixnay on the entilslay
    by the lentils
  5. wildfire covers
    by Hand Habits and friends
  6. Chris Cohen
    by Chris Cohen
  7. Scholars
    by Buke and Gase -
  8. 11 new flavors of oblivion and why the shining ones don't want you to know about them
    by the lentils
  9. trash flowers EP
    by mae powell
  10. 'Temporary etc.'
    by Booker Stardrum
  11. Aviary
    by Julia Holter
  12. FECKIN WEIRDO: Nnamdi's spectral adventures through a pubulous conundrum, canceling out the burrowing burden and ambiguity of his pre-zuberant tooth shine.
    by NNAMDÏ
  13. Who is She?
    by Banny Grove
  14. Euphorbia
    by Sis
  15. Bag of Holding
    by The Cradle
    Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
    Fans of Andy Cabic might find themselves unexpectedly satisfied by a less twangy approach to these creative orchestrations featuring gentle picking with vocal & string swells. This album is a late summer breeze, to move across the lava field with, branches high. Feels sincere.
    by GIGI
  17. Demos
    by Anna McClellan
  18. Masterpiece
    by Big Thief
  19. Yes and No
    by Anna McClellan
  20. Capacity
    by Big Thief