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  1. Battle of Ice
    by Marco Garau's Magic Opera
  2. Imperium
    by Fiur
  3. Verzet
    by Horn
  4. Legends of the Dark Times (Full Length 2017)
    by Odraedir
  5. Lost Elegies
    by Primalfrost
  6. A Tale of Darkness and Hope
    by Imago Imperii
  7. Devoured By The Oak
    by Cân Bardd
  8. Artefacts
    by Belore
  9. Sylvatica - Ashes And Snow
    by Pest Records
  10. Damnation
    by Blazon Stone
  11. Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns
    by Zornheym
  12. A Whole New Land
    by Metalwings
  13. Draconian Age
    by Númenor
  14. Symphony Of The Night
    by Ulthima
  15. The Golden Pentacle
    by Marco Garau's Magic Opera
  16. Heavenly Skies
    by Crepuscle
  17. Transcending The Ruins
    by Protokult
  18. Of Origins Unearthed
    by Living Abyss
  19. The Fomorian Horde
    by Rådarna
  20. A Throne of Hollow Fire