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  1. Standing On Turtles
    by Dude And A Drum
  2. Dead Again
    by See Thomas Howl
    Skate Boarder Meets Ghost Boy Skate Boarder Meets Ghost Boy
    An incredible album. From start to finish you can't help but feel transported into a neon fused cyberpunk fever dream. I cant stop listening.
  3. The Next Mutation
    by Dedderz
    Video Nasty (Feat. Hollywood Burns) Video Nasty (Feat. Hollywood Burns)
    Mutoid masters of dreadwave return with an all-star cast of players to bring you the most radass album ever. You can feel the neon oozing from every song and after listening just once you might be slightly radioactive. Get this in your collection now!!!
  4. Dream Warriors
    by Dedderz
    Dream Warriors (Feat. Python Blue, Dokken Cover) Dream Warriors (Feat. Python Blue, Dokken Cover)
    From the masters of dreadwave comes an epic remake that not only gives justice to the original, but also stands alone as a Dedderz masterpiece! Welcome to prime time bitches!
    by Dedderz
  6. RetroSynth: In Synth We Wave
    by Various Artists
    The Neon Droid - In Synth We Wave The Neon Droid - In Synth We Wave
    If you could take 'Synthwave 101' - this would be your textbook. A+
  7. Dreamrider
    by Lazerhawk
    Cruise Cruise
    Great artists evolve and mature. This is not outrun, Skull and Shark or 'samewave'. This is a voyage. A melodic journey with a soul. With so many out there repeating the same-old formula, It takes a DiVinci to change the landscape and what's possible. Lazerhawk did it.
  8. The Next Peak Vol I (Twin Peaks Tribute)
    by Retro Promenade Various Artists
  9. Another World
    by Maxthor
    There's Maxthor and there's everybody else. If you like synthwave/retrowave music, you're not going to find a more unique, well-produced LP than this. Favorite Track: Set Your Wheels on Fire.
  10. Polaroid Vol 1: Palm Reef (EP)
    by Stallone Jones
  11. Anime Aesthetics
    by ImCoPav
  12. Beyond Earth
    by Neon Nox
  13. Judicator
    by Stilz
  14. Parallel Lives
    by Meteor
    White Crows White Crows
    A kick-ass, retro-fueled audio journey that transcends time and space to deliver something I can only describe as "magic." I'm glad to consider Meteor one of my favorite musicians and good friends. A crowning achievement here.
  15. Mega Man: Robot Masters Resynthesized
    by New Horizons Records
    Blizzard Man Blizzard Man
    Every artist here absolutely killed it. Great comp with a super cool theme. A retro-8-bit fueled dream come true.
  16. Chronicles Of The Wasteland / Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    by Le Matos
    Epic. Beyond. No words. Favorite Track: The Hunt
  17. Cool Surfs Hot Nights
    by Oceanside85
    Great way to kick off 2016...with fun, unbridled 80s-style synthwave. Hell of a debut. favorite track: Dance Party New Years
  18. Timelines
    by Jordan F
    by GUNSHIP
    Best LP of 2015.
  20. Tetsuo (feat The TCR)
    by Stilz
    Top. Stilz continues to deliver and evolve with every release. This is truly a great lp that will stand as others fade into obscurity. I loved working with him on this track.
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