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  1. Honey
    by Madam
  2. Pastoral
    by Punkt | Stillefelt
  3. Introspection
    by sebastien schuller
  4. Funambulist
    by Rémi Fay
  5. Vig Mihaly: Koncert a kis Lumenben 2017
    by Víg Mihály
  6. Vig Mihaly & Vig Sara: Koncert a Lumenben
    by Víg Mihály & Víg Sára
  7. Sentient
    by Vok Ens & John Derek Bishop
  8. Gullokk
    by Solveig Slettahjell
  9. Boolo
    by Senny Camara
  10. Delicacy
    by Nadine Henrichs
  11. Terzi: Lute Music
    by Florent Marie
  12. Dans ce monde
    by Louise THIOLON
  13. L'Amour ailleurs
    by Louise THIOLON
  14. Hurle-moi ton nom
    by Louise THIOLON
  15. Plommehagepartitur - Oår/ Plum Garden Scores- Year of Bad Crop by Mari Kvien Brunvoll (music) and Elida Brenna Linge (artwork)
    by Breton Cassette
  16. The Happening - Miles Away From America
    by Simone White
  17. Gjest Song
    by Trondheim Voices & Christian Wallumrød
  18. Summer Lightning
    by The Bathers
  19. Tell Him
    by Josie Cotton
  20. Bani Etude
    by Vincent Wilkin