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  1. Super Van Vacation
    by 1000mods
    Road to Burn Road to Burn
    Good heavy desert rock. What's not to like? Good stuff from Greece!
  2. Strange Aeons
    by AKASAVA
    The Deep The Deep
    I refuse to pick a favorite, this is to eclectic and good. Influences from 70's punk, to hard rock, to metal, to doom.....what can you say. It is a great album. Good stuff from France!
  3. Ancient Warlocks
    by Ancient Warlocks
    Cactus Wine Cactus Wine
    The album is a bit doomy, pretty fuzzy, and riff driven, with solid vocals. Good things in my book! All of the songs jam. Straight up head bobbin' music. Good stuff from Seattle!
  4. Ancient Warlocks II
    by Ancient Warlocks
    Charge Charge
    Similar to the debut, a couple of more reserved songs. If you grooved to the first you will like this one but maybe not quite as much.
  5. In the Gaze of the Gods EP
    by Astralnaut
    Arab Spring Arab Spring
    They remind me of Orange Goblin and that is very good. I get a bit of Danzig in the vocals also, call me crazy. Really good stuff from Ireland!
  6. Thieves, Beggars and Swine
    by Astralnaut
    Dethroned Dethroned
    I still like the heavy driving guitars and the ruff vocals. Drink beer and bounce your head to this stuff.
  7. Asteroid - S/T
    Silver leaf Silver leaf
    Panoramic Telescope and Speaking to the Sea are also awesome cuts. Retro sounding groovy and fuzzy music. Not much to complain about here. Good stuff from Sweden.
  8. Beastwars
    Damn the Sky Damn the Sky
    First cut to last this is damn fine music. Heavy and hard with distinct vocals. Good stuff from New Zealand!
  9. bitchcraft
    by bitchcraft
    acid dream acid dream
    Droning heavy guitars and a kool female voice. Pretty heavy music. Good stuff from Poland!
  10. Black Desert Sun
    by Black Desert Sun
    Psycho Wizard Psycho Wizard
    Do you like Kyuss? Here is the Icelandic version with a female singer. Psyco Wizard is a really good song. Good stuff from Iceland!
  11. Galaxies
    by Black Pussy
    Galaxies Galaxies
    Repetitive, Spacey jam that goes on forever. This is how you make a epic song! I love this little gem.
  12. On Blonde
    by Black Pussy
    Swim (- A -) Swim (- A -)
    Personally I really do love Black Pussy.....Now about this band I really like them also. The Music is laid back and chilly hard rock. The Ain't Talkin Bout Love cover is stupid kool. Indiana is a good song with nice snake like guitars. Lots of droning fuzzy rock!
  13. Magic Mustache
    by Black Pussy
    For the Sake of Argument For the Sake of Argument
    If you like QOTSA then you will probably like this. Got a free White Orange sample with this CD, it is also good music. Good stuff from Portland!
  14. Aware
    by Black Witch
    First Ritual First Ritual
    Can't put my finger on it but I just like this band. Music is heavy and the vocals are kool. Good stuff from Brazil, the Olympics have been awesome! The singer is kinda hot to me also......
  15. MASS SOLACE (2014)
    by Blondstone
    Mass Solace Mass Solace
    They talk about this taking up where the 90's left off. I can see that. It's good hard rock with nice vocals. This band have their own sound. Good stuff from France.
  16. Hate Ashbury
    by Bongripper
    Part VI Part VI
    I have several Bongripper CD's and love them all. They are a great instrumental band that seem to create albums that are a form of art on there own. Heavy, riff laden monoliths. Side note, is it Bong Gripper or Bong Ripper? Either way Good stuff from Chicago!!
  17. Brimstone Coven
    by Brimstone Coven
    The Grave The Grave
    The Black Door is uniquely good, Cosmic Communion is solid. I got to admit it took me a minute to roll with this but after a few listens I am on board! Kool and different vocals. Rocking heavy music. The bonus stuff is not as strong as the album but overall this is a good jam. Good stuff from West Virginia!
  18. Your Doom Has Come
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
    Ten Kings Ten Kings
    Ten Kings is the shit! If you don't dig that jam you are a broken person. More great instumental music. Crunchy heavy and doomy. The band name is awesome, who came up with that? I will definetly check out more CTS. Good stuff from New York!
  19. Order Of The Occult
    by The Crimson Trip
    Anhedonia Anhedonia
    Psychedelic hard rock. The music is kool and the vocals are okay. Good stuff from Mexico!
  20. Dead River
    by Dead River
    Burn Alive Burn Alive
    Good slightly doomy, a bit psych, bluesy heavy rock. 1 or 2 songs remind me of the riot grrrls like L7 and Lunachicks. Really like Deep Love as a tie for fav. Solid stuff from Australia!
  21. The Witching Hour
    by Doctor Smoke
    The Seeker The Seeker
    Good hard rock with kool vocals. I really like this album. Put it on in the car and it has yet to come out, the Dr. is always in. Good stuff from Ohio!
  22. Magick Rites
    by Dopelord
    Ghost Cargo From The Bong Ghost Cargo From The Bong
    Solid stoner rock with heavy riffs. Bought this on the heels of Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult which totally enamored me. It is not quite as good but is not bad. Good stuff from Poland!
  23. Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult
    by Dopelord
    Addicted To Black Magick Addicted To Black Magick
    If I said to myself, what would a band named Dopelord sound like, this is what I would wish for and if I went one step farther this would be the name of the album. Really enjoy this, great riffs and very doomy.
  24. Dope Smoker III
    by Dope Smoker
    A New Error A New Error
    Awesome stoner rock, colour blind is great and the whole album is created for you to sit back and chill.
  25. Marijuana
    by Dope Smoker
    All Day All Day
    Perfect stoner rock. I love these guys . Hollow is also excellent, but the whole album is great. Check them out! Good stuff from Wales!
  26. You Knew I Was A Snake
    by Dunbarrow
    A Kool raw version of the band. They remind me of Whichcraft. Just to be clear that is not a bad thing! Great stuff from Norway.
  27. When It's All Over
    by Dunbarrow
    Madness Madness
    Madness just bounces along. Great quirky music. I love it. When It's All Over is a doomy dirge. I want more....
  28. The Crows Ain't Far Behind
    by Dunbarrow
    The Crows Ain't Far Behind The Crows Ain't Far Behind
    Try & Fail chug's along with solid lyric's and music. The Crows Ain't Far Behind is a great song, vocals are raw and the music has a retro vibe. You Knew I Was A Snake is a better recording than the previous single.
  29. Lucifer's Child
    by Dunbarrow
    I got this when I bought the whole digital collection. It is a good song and I guess they used this as the single for the full length album.
  30. Dunbarrow
    by Dunbarrow
    The Wanderer The Wanderer
    Whiches Of The Woods is really good a close second. Lyrically good, musically throwback doom. Nothing to complain about. Strong album!
  31. Wetlands
    Song B Song B
    Good fuzzy heavy rock. Dogma, Stamina, and Red are all up for favorite. Changeover has a kool time change, image. Good stuff from Germany!
  32. Elsupremo
    by Elsupremo
    Goat Horns and Pentacles Goat Horns and Pentacles
    Musically similar to the Egypt E.P. so that's good. Another instrumental that I love. Go figure?
  33. EGYPT
    by EGYPT
    Valley of the Kings Valley of the Kings
    This is an awesome album. Join the kult today, Egypt is the real deal! Good stuff from North Dakota!
    by EGYPT
    Matterhorn Matterhorn
    Awesome hard rock music! This makes me feel like a kid and that is good. The Village is Silent........
    by EGYPT
    Ancient Enemy Ancient Enemy
    I'm going to guess that these are cyclopean riffs cause' they are thick! Is that what that means? Very good heavy stuff!
    by EGYPT
    Endless Flight Endless Flight
    Heavy, bluesy, stoner rock that kicks ass! I am an Egypt fan through and through. More Egypt!
    by EGYPT
    Cracks and Lines Cracks and Lines
    More of the good! The Ol' School Kiss cover from Hotter than Hell is kool, they were my first record purchase when vinyl was the norm (It was Destroyer). I digress, Egypt does not disappoint. Seems like they stretched out a bit on this one.
  38. Elbrus
    by Elbrus
    Break The Machine Break The Machine
    Very good blues driven heavy music. I like the wax and wan between the ethereal and the heavy. Really interesting music, check it out! Good stuff from Australia!
  39. Sword.Sorcery.Smoke
    by Faith In Jane
    Back To Earth Back To Earth
    Up front honesty this is the album I intended to buy when I bought Forming the Void. As I explained over there I was under the influence and they were side by side in my wish list......Anyway this is solid heavy rock. Good stuff from Maryland.
  40. Skyward
    by Forming the Void
    Three Eyed Gazelle Three Eyed Gazelle
    I must admit that I was unusually drunk when I bought this and it was a dollar. I kinda like this but it is like a six on my kick ass scale. I guess this is prog type rock Im not sure. Good stuff from Louisiana.
  41. One Year EP
    by From Beyond
    One Year One Year
    Very good music from Austin. Every song is it's own thing. Heavy, droning, loud, dirty, and satisfying. I went backward with these guys but what I see is a long time since something new....bummer!
  42. The Color Out Of Space EP
    by From Beyond
    Hexagram Hexagram
    Whole EP jams. Every song is unique and has good music, kool vocals and good lyrics. The color out of space is a really badass trip. I love Austin and its bands like this that make it so! Good stuff from Austin.
  43. Sonic Perversions
    by The Fuzzlord Revival Cult
    Death Junkie Death Junkie
    A heavy dronefest. Great stuff in my book. Waitful Watcher is a close second. Really good stuff from the Netherlands!!
  44. Black Age Blues
    by Goatsnake
    Graves Graves
    House of the Moon, Another river to cross this stuff is crushing. The album Flower of Disease is awesome also. Goatsnake kicks ass! Good stuff from Los Angeles!
  45. Thousand Sons Of Sleep
    by Godsleep
    Thirteen Thirteen
    The Call has a great bass line, as does the album in general. Heavy riffs throughout. Thirteen sounds a bit like Pantera and there is nothing wrong with that. Good stuff from Greece!