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  1. Built to Last (2021)
    by The Protomen
  2. Ohio
    by Girl Hazel
    Great band & great song. They've been working on releasing tunes for a long time, so it's lovely to finally hear one. Can't wait for more GH tunes!!!
  3. It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better
    by Fucking Invincible
    Why Keep Score Why Keep Score
    Like many, I discovered this band through their connection to Daughters... but that shouldn't overshadow just how heavy and fun and raw this band is. They have their own identity and this album KICKS ASS.
  4. You Won't Get What You Want
    by Daughters
    Long Road, No Turns Long Road, No Turns
    What hasn't already been said about this record? To hear a band constantly "break the mold" and change their sound so radically without compromising their artistic quality; it's just so good.
    by Free Parking!
    Head Ringer Head Ringer
    The boys are back, and I'm damn proud of them. What a KILLER album this beast is. You know it's a great album, when you can't even think of a best or worst song, because they're all equally bangin.
  6. Summer Dream EP
    by The Kickstand Band
  7. Summer Means Fun EP
    by The Kickstand Band
  8. In the Sun
    by The Kickstand Band
  9. Free Parking! is Alive with the Obli-Bros
    by Free Parking!
    Christmas Alone [live] Christmas Alone [live]
  10. True Talent Champion
    by Pope
    Talk Me Out Of It Talk Me Out Of It
    I wasn't too partial to the band's earlier material, (came off a bit too lethargic to me) but their maturity and progression on this new record is really cool. Some awesome songs on this thing.
  11. Weekends
    by Free Parking!
    (mouselike) (mouselike)
    So this band rises like a phoenix once again (after painfully long hiatus) to blow minds with another pop-punk opus. I'd gladly spend Christmas Alone, as long as I have this record to scream along with against the silence of the post-college-geek blues. Long live FP!
  12. Daughters 2002 EP
    by Daughters
    Hello Assholes Hello Assholes
    I'm a huge Daughters fan, and I never thought I'd find this EP available online. Super cool. Highly recommend buying this EP if you've heard their other albums.
  13. Hell
    by Wood Lake
    Sam McGee Sam McGee
    Just discovered this album. I'm not typically a big shoegaze fan. Most new shoegaze bands use the genre as an excuse to not to craft well-written songs... not so for Wood Lake! Beneath the wash of distortion and noise are great lyrics/melodies.
  14. Human Contact Is Never Easy
    by Sam Phillips
    Candles and Stars (from the upcoming album "World on Sticks") Candles and Stars (from the upcoming album "World on Sticks")
    I grew up listening Sam's uniquely haunting records (which have certainly stood the test of time) and all I can say is that I'm overjoyed to have a taste of such a promising follow-up to "Push Any Button".
  15. "Backpfeifengesicht" b/w "Airstrip One"
    by Channels
    Backpfeifengesicht Backpfeifengesicht
    Another politically charged punk EP in 2016? Yeah. This could've been horrible, but instead it manages to be great. It seems that J. Robbins can always manage to get amazing musicians together to create great music with him. The female vocals are sick too. Feels like early pixies.
  16. Asuka Re(build)
    by Free Parking!
    Asuka, continued Asuka, continued
    This is the best pop-punk-indie-emo-garage-rock piece of fucking weeaboo trash I've ever experienced in the form of music. 10/10, Would fucking protect this album's smile. Holy shit.
  17. Mooky Island
    by Fashion Party
    Dreaming Dreaming
    This is an underrated EP by one of the most underrated indie bands in Long Beach. Mooky Island calls back to the alternative sounds of the '80s in the best way possible. This is a band that puts care and effort into their music, and I love it.
  18. Splendor & Misery
    by clipping.
    True Believer True Believer
    CLPPNG got my attention a while back, and as soon as I heard about this new album, I had to check it out. Being a big science fiction fan, and an even BIGGER concept album fan... this scratched so many musical itches. Meaningful lyrics, and well crafted sonic production. What more can you want out of an album?
  19. Fake the Bitters
    by 8bit bEtty
    Keep the Dream Alive, Lil' Red Keep the Dream Alive, Lil' Red
    Absolutely love this album. Most chiptune doesn't hook me in, but this is not the case for 8bit Betty. These songs are well written and gloriously catchy.
  20. The Last Thing You Forget
    by Title Fight
    Symmetry Symmetry