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  1. Room Loops
    by Lullatone
  2. Seven Swans
    by Sufjan Stevens
  3. Thankful Villages Volume 2
    by Darren Hayman
  4. Songs of High Altitude
    by Darren Hayman
  5. 12 Astronauts
    by Darren Hayman
    Timber Cove (Pete Conrad) Timber Cove (Pete Conrad)
    In the Venn diagram of Hayman's work, for me "12 Astronauts" lands in the intersection between the "pop/rock" and "electronica" circles. As idiosyncratic and creative as we have come to expect from this artist (in both musical and visual senses of the word!).
  6. Ginger Stepkids (The Lost Demos 2009/2010)
    by The Cleaners From Venus
    Julia Blue Julia Blue
    This collects the stripped-down tracks recorded by Martin Newell at the end of the 2000s, shortly before he resurrected the Cleaners moniker. Originally released as low-key MP3 EPs via his website, these fine samples of Newelliana now get a well-deserved second airing.
  7. Space Museum
    by Solid Space
    Tenth Planet Tenth Planet
    A great set of early-80s synth/guitar pop with an infusion of prog-rock and sci-fi. Excellent remastering job (and thankfully the band members found some better-quality tapes!).
  8. Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures
    by Lullatone
    finding a leaf in your girlfriend's hair finding a leaf in your girlfriend's hair
    I discovered Lullatone via their BC blog post, though I’ve seen them before in my searches for “ukulele pop”. These really do sound like TV soundtrack pieces; some remind me of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (eg the “paper plane” one). I’ll be exploring further... :-)
  9. In Dulci Jubilo
    by Les Penning and Robert Reed
  10. The Sea & the Rhythm
    by Iron & Wine
    Beneath The Balcony Beneath The Balcony
    Over 15 years late... I'm discovering Sam Beam's early releases as I&W. Love "The Creek Drank The Cradle" and this EP (almost like "Creek"'s bonus tracks). Lo-fi yet intimate indie-folk.
  11. Life In A Time Machine
    by The Cleaners From Venus
  12. u are here
    by Danielle Scott
    On Washing Day On Washing Day
  13. ËP
    by Sprout
    Sadness in the Soil Sadness in the Soil
    A most intriguing EP - I'd call it "uketronica(TM)" :-) The more ukulele-inclined songs are pretty, and "Sadness In The Soil" has a Brian Eno-esque air to it. This EP left me wanting to hear more - please do!
  14. DOG E.P.
    by Darren Hayman
  15. Blue House
    by Darren Hayman
    Leaves and Stars Leaves and Stars
    In the "folk/rock" area of Hayman's artistic Venn-diagram, this EP (mini-album?) deserves not to be overlooked. ("Leaves And Stars" is going in my "Introduction to Darren Hayman" playlist...)
  16. Tiny Moon
    by Michael Hayden
  17. Kitchen Table EP
    by Cleaners From Venus
  18. Lido
    by Darren Hayman
    An instrumental concept album about public open-air swimming pools in Britain? Yes... and Darren Hayman makes it work :-)
  19. as i am
    by maya kern
    point A point A
    Delicate song-filigrees from the ukulele-toting singer-songwriter and visual artist. The supporting arrangements are especially interesting here - in particular the touches of synthesisers, which enhance without overpowering.
  20. Songs for a Fallow Land
    by The Cleaners From Venus
    Julie Profumo Julie Profumo
    A solo album in all but name, Martin Newell recorded this set at his Wivenhoe home in 1985, inbetween lineups of the Cleaners. Four-track portastudio productions combining a 60s pop sensibility, with 80s guitar-pop touches.