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  1. without
    by Anne-F Jacques/Ryoko Akama
  2. Variable Formations
    by John Tilbury, Johnny Chang, Angharad Davies, Jamie Drouin, Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson
  3. Dial 45-21-95
    by Ryoko Akama
  4. Scrine (1988)
    by Hands To
  5. Evaporation
    by Ryoko Akama/Anne-F Jacques
    by SOONER
  7. While We Still Have Bodies
    by While We Still Have Bodies
  8. My Tongue Crumbles After
    by Sean Ali
  9. Atem
    by Earth Tongues
  10. Étendues Silencieuses
    by Bruno Duplant
  11. something veiled
    by Leo Okagawa
  12. Telquan
    by Cristián Alvear & Tim Olive
  13. Charm Point
    by Elizabeth Millar & Tim Olive & Craig Pedersen
  14. Solo Trumpet Vol. 2.1 No Cuts, No Overdubs, No Use of Electronics
    by Mazen Kerbaj
  15. Solo Trumpet Vol. 2.2 Cuts, Overdubs, Use of Electronics
    by Mazen Kerbaj
  16. Echtzeitmusik Berlin
    by Various Artists
  17. Casting Spells & The Coves
    by Flin van Hemmen
  18. Oblio
    by Carlo Costa
  19. Rune
    by Earth Tongues
  20. Drums of Days
    by Flin van Hemmen
  21. Chants de Mémoire
    by Bruno Duplant
  22. Spontaneous Ensemble vol.6
    by Spontaneous Ensemble
  23. Spontaneous Ensemble vol​.​7
    by Spontaneous Ensemble
  24. Hesitant
    by Fabio Perletta
  25. Ongerijmde Rijmen
    by Zero Years Kid
  26. Disappearing Foliage
    by Takashi Masubuchi
  27. Protean Labyrinth
    by Kyoko Kitamura
  28. Imbrication
    by Jeph Jerman
  29. Ichinen 一念
  30. FØRAGE
    by Matt Mitchell
  31. Frantz Loriot Systematic Distortion Orchestra The Assembly
    by Frantz Loriot
  32. Kitakata (SL04)
    by Joachim Badenhorst
  33. Oxidation States
    by Riccardo Dillon Wanke