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  1. Hawaii: Part II
    by ミラクルミュージカル
    White Ball White Ball
  2. Wanderer's Lullaby
    by Adriana Figueroa
  3. Daughter Of The Moon
    by Adriana Figueroa
  4. Dangerous Days
    She is Young, She is Beautiful, She is Next She is Young, She is Beautiful, She is Next
  5. Dreams of Neo-Tokyo
    by Scandroid
    Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix) Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix)
    by Carpenter Brut
    Hang'Em All Hang'Em All
  7. Twilight Cinema
    by Major Parkinson
  8. Dilemmas
    by Alma Animo
  9. Blackbox
    by Major Parkinson
  10. A Constant State of Ohio
    by Lincoln
    Saint Bernard Saint Bernard
  11. unforeseen consequences
    by morch kovalski
  12. Technomancy
    by Victor Love
  13. The Network
    by Victor Love
  14. Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM)
    by Victor Love
  15. Dethamphetamine
    by Chris Ray Gun
  16. Alcoholiday Express
    by Chris Ray Gun
  17. Hiveswap Friendsim
    by James Roach
    take me to clown church take me to clown church
  18. The Dismemberment Song
    by Blue Kid
  19. Boys Will Be Bugs
    by Cavetown
    my friend said 'hey t this song describes you' and i didnt say anything because he was right.
  20. The Uncanny Valley
  21. Godhunter
    by Aviators
  22. Dystopian Fiction
    by Aviators
  23. Howling at the Moon
    by Aviators
  24. Acoustic - Deluxe Edition CD
    by Aviators
  25. Stargazers
    by Aviators
  26. Traveler's Song
    by Aviators
  27. The Moon Rises
    by ponyphonic