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  1. Prison of flesh and bone
    by pure
    I'm in a never-ending maze I'm in a never-ending maze
    Well I was just poking around online and discovered Pure. Goddamn. This band has such a raw but simple approach. The riffs are badass and it grabs you immediately. Total darkness. I love it!!!
  2. The Ritual Narcotic
    by Matron Thorn
    In His Temple In His Temple
  3. Death Pill EP
    by Matron Thorn
    Haven Haven
  4. And Darkness Fell
    Darkest Path to Death Darkest Path to Death
    Evil and brutal as fuck. I love this shit!!!!!!
  5. Demo
    by Counting Hours
    04 Wintry insight 04 Wintry insight
    Phenomenal supergroup. Such a grip on the soul....
  6. Lowlife
    by Cold Cell
    Idols Of Idiocrasy Idols Of Idiocrasy
    I love Cold Cell. They are what their name says. Catchy as fuck riffs, cold as steel delivery...
  7. Wisdom Of the Grave
    Give Me the Gun Give Me the Gun
    Some people understand things that others never will. I think that’s why I like Matron Thorn’s art so much. This one is slowed down and deep......
  8. Atramentvm
    by Theotoxin
    My Harlot My Harlot
    Depth. Intensity. Black. Everything they stand for rules.....
  9. The Stars Would Not Awake You
    Beneath A Stone Grave Beneath A Stone Grave
    Life... death... and everything in between....
  10. Hideous Mirrored Visage
    by Præternatura
    Demonflesh Demonflesh
    I love getting lost in Matron Thorn’s worlds. This one is particularly good. They all are.
  11. Ode To Acts Of Murder, Dystopia And Suicide
    For This I Silence You For This I Silence You
    Sometimes being able to relate to art makes it that much more badass. Some of us have really lived, and in the depths there are just a few skeletons.... that’s why I love this kind of shit. It’s so.... seasoned. I love everything about this band. And this album kills......
  12. Ossilegium
    by Ossilegium
    Stellar Era Demise Stellar Era Demise
    This is a cleverly composed little opus.. a keen metamorphosis of the Empyreus era into this classic know that sound when you hear it... that old school hitting the side of a barrel echo that's part of all the death metal classics. I love how black it is.. black with the foundation of death... a haunting little interlude inserted here and there.. I was instantly hooked. They've got it. Right in the roots. Can't wait to see where they go with it.
  13. Adversvm - Aion Sitra Ahra
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
    Aion Sitra Ahra Aion Sitra Ahra
    Like the darkest storm, a slow moving hurricane of black doom. Destroyer. This band is incredible.
  14. The Scream That Tore The Sky
    by Stargazer
    Ye Olde Magicks Ye Olde Magicks
    This album rules. This band rules. And if you don’t know, you should.
  15. A Merging To The Boundless
    by Stargazer
    The Grand Equalizer The Grand Equalizer
    They blend intelligent madness quite ferociously and shockingly... I’ll never forget the moment I first heard this album. I think it was early 2015 when I found it. My introduction to the one and only StarGazer... I was entranced immediately and have been ever since. A favorite indeed. I quickly had to seek out the rest...
  16. Sic Lvceat Lvx
    by Schammasch
    Black But Shining Black But Shining
  17. Contradiction
    by Schammasch
    Phenomenal, there is no one else like them. They get inside your soul. That's all I can say.
  18. Triangle
    by Schammasch
    II. Above the Stars Of God II. Above the Stars Of God
  19. Grief's Infernal Flower
    by Windhand
    Crypt Key Crypt Key
    Safe from everyone ...
  20. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
    Feather Feather
    You know I had to...