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Tara Penny

  1. Coats, North Carolina
  2. Metal
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  1. Vengeful Ascension
    by Goatwhore
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    Abandon Indoctrination Abandon Indoctrination
    Best one yet. I love Goatwhore! They've spread their wings around the world... leaving their mark as they go. Watching them grow has been a true pleasure. I love the depth and exploration in their style, and it seems they don't stay in one place, yet have created their distinct signature. Badassery from the South \m/
  2. In These Woods, From These Mountains
    by The Wretched End
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    Old Norwegian Soul Old Norwegian Soul
    This is just ultimate badassery and I will always hold a special place in my heart for my first true love, Emperor. A great project of Samoth's...
  3. Night Without End
    by OCCVLTA
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    Darkness Bloom Darkness Bloom
    One of those German treasures... this band has mastered the art of old school sound.... I can't get enough of their raw darkness.
  4. Drown in Blood
    by RUIN
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    The Thirst for Annihilation The Thirst for Annihilation
    This is some old school death metal sounds, and I fuckin love it.
  5. Delusion
    by Corpus Christii
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    I Am the Night I Am the Night
    One of those bands that captivate me... there's nothing they have done that isn't great!
  6. Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love
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    Strange Day, see the clash of heart and reason… (Scene III) Strange Day, see the clash of heart and reason… (Scene III)
    Sometimes the darkness wins.
  7. Utter the Tongue Of The Dead
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    The Antichrist Prevails The Antichrist Prevails
    Black with a doomily overwhelming stronghold on your soul...
  8. Age Of Doom (2001)
    by Cold Embrace
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    In Doom We Trust In Doom We Trust
    Title speaks for itself
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  9. Ode To Sorrow (1999)
    by Cold Embrace
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    Salvation Salvation
    Cold Embrace are exactly that... my fav album of theirs.
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  10. Versus Recentem Mundum (2015)
    by Cold Embrace
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    Child Of North Child Of North
  11. Pure
    by IN THE WOODS...
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    Cult Of Shining Stars Cult Of Shining Stars
    A spiritual journey... it takes you beyond the everyday burning of this world into a cosmic euphoria..
  12. The Grand Sabbath
    by Doombringer
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    Children to Moloch Children to Moloch
    This whole album is my kind of a black mass... totally love it...
  13. The Golden Veil
    by MAKE
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    The Immortal The Immortal
    The concept and construction are so original. A very ethereal effusion..