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  1. The Lay of the Land
    by Lydia Cole
  2. Sunflower (2008)
    by Rebreather
  3. Head Trash
    by CUTWORM
    Trash Vortex Trash Vortex
  4. Ouster
    by CUTWORM
    Insulate Insulate
    great for friday nights spent the fuck alone ✨ 💨 💨
  5. Half The Bad & Twice The Good
    by Bad Bad Meow
    Tell The Truth Tell The Truth
    w i l l y o u e v e r b e
    s o m e o n e e l s e ?
  6. Tripping Haze Ceremony
    by Tripping Haze Ceremony
    U N L E A S H M E
  7. The Void
    by Burn Ritual
  8. Abyssal Trip
    by Spelljammer
    Made me feel things. Bad things. Good things. All things.
  9. Savage Telepath
    by Konkreate
  10. Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth
    by SUNNATA
    Black Serpent Black Serpent
    praise the lord; d i s t a n t god
  11. Oneiromancer
    by Bismarck
  12. Ataraxia/Taraxis
    by Pelican
    *wings erupt from your back, and they don’t stop until they fall off, shrivel up, and burn to nothing on the stone floor*
  13. under the strawberry moon (original version)
    by BlackLab
    Black Moon Black Moon
    Just listen to the song. And imagine these two bad ass chicks unleashing chaos upon the fucking world and walking away unscathed.
  14. Tell Me What You See Vanishing and I Will Tell You Who You Are
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  15. No Comfort
    by Monolord
  16. Hazy Rites
  17. Divination
    by ZAUM
  18. Passover
    by The Black Angels
  19. PLYMOUTH ROCK The Best of Satan's Pilgrims
    by Satan's Pilgrims
    Soul Creepin' Soul Creepin'
    creepin’ on my soulless whole ~
  20. Valley Of The Snake
    by Ruby The Hatchet
    Tomorrow Never Comes Tomorrow Never Comes