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    by Drop Out
  2. Thirst Planet [Demo]
    by Thirst Planet
  3. Made Wrong
    by Heiress
  4. Perished Bodies
    by Planks
  5. Condemned by the Alliance
    Creation of a Sadistic Empire Creation of a Sadistic Empire
    Hello, alternate universe. Slamming BDM can't get any better than this. The last two minutes of the 5th track are a benediction to the ears and, quite possibly, able to cure cancer.
  6. Of Terror and the Supernatural
    ok, ich geb's auf. Dein Musikgeschmack ist perfekt, ich kann dir nichts mehr beibringen :) Temple of Void waren fantastisch, danke! Wenn dir heute Nacht langweilig ist, mach das Licht aus und probiere mal was ganz anderes...wenn du mutig bist:
  7. Demo
    by Intet
    c. stupido,
    danke für die Empfehlung, ich kenne (und mag!) Merchant, wie alles andere sludge-mässige von down under. Ich bin ein Riesenfan des australischen doom. Das hier ist auch nicht schlecht, aber du solltest dir die folgende Band anhören:

    Sag mir wie es dir gefallen hat...irgendwann.
  8. Vatten
    by Pyramido
  9. The Eternal Drift's Canticles
    by Verdun
  10. Black Snow Desert
    by Nonsun
  11. Asexual Anger
    by Love Sex Machine
    Infernal Spiral Infernal Spiral
    And this is how you go from unknown to one of the favorite sludge bands of a person. No words, just humility. Fucking beautiful.
  12. Nachthexen
    by Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
    No big words need be lost on this album. This is fucking amazing in every possible way and what nature had in mind when it gave mankind eardrums. Volume up, let the speakers melt.
  13. The Filth Element
    by Trapped Within Burning Machinery
  14. The Shipwreck
    by Whales and Aurora
  15. Weltschmerz
    by Fórn
    Saudade (Part I) Saudade (Part I)
    I don't remember if I ever heard a decent sludge song before Saudade (Part I) and I don't want to listen to anything else, ever again.
  16. Wound Empire
    by Abstracter
  17. Wælwulf
    by Heresiarch
  18. Spectres
    by Bast
    Outside The Circles Of Time Outside The Circles Of Time
  19. Climbing the colossus (remastered)
    by SUNNATA
    Orcan Orcan
    If anyone asks, I'm still unsuccessfully trying to regain consciousness after exposing myself to this madness.
  20. Genus Vitiosum
    by Ypres