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  1. Monstercat 022 - Contact
    by Monstercat
    Friends (with Faustix) Friends (with Faustix)
    holy frick
  2. Monstercat 020 - Altitude
    by Monstercat
  3. Fujita Scale - Vinyl Reissue
    by NxxxxxS
  4. Monstercat 021 - Perspective
    by Monstercat
    Champions (WRLD Remix) (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) Champions (WRLD Remix) (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr)
    This album is super underrated. so many good tracks, including my favorite of all of the songs I've heard so far!
  5. Monstercat 019 - Endeavour
    by Monstercat
    Atlantic Atlantic
    almost 6 years later, and it's still an absolutely amazing album!
  6. Monstercat 016 - Expedition
    by Monstercat
    Canvas Canvas
    one of the first ones i bought, and it's pretty high up there on the list. listened to it while playing terraria with my friend, and he also loved it!
  7. Monstercat 017 - Ascension
    by Monstercat
  8. Remember Last Summer
    by NxxxxxS
    If It Was A Deer Then Where Is It ? w/ Senpu If It Was A Deer Then Where Is It ? w/ Senpu
    great album! has some of my fav songs from NxxxxxS!
  9. synthetic corporation
    by NxxxxxS
    pH-value pH-value
    it has this unique feel that not many other albums have. pH-value is probably one of my favorite songs!
    by NxxxxxS
    I Have To Work On My Script I Have To Work On My Script
    i may or may not have listened to this 3 times today...
  11. Odyssey
    by HOME
  12. Before The Night
    by HOME
    by Heavy Systems, Inc.
  14. Pure Gold
    by 18 Carat Affair
  15. LATE NIGHT DELIGHT [Remastered]
  16. Mir
    by Ott.
  17. Ideation Deluxe
    by Graham Kartna
    Wilton, Clarkson, James Wilton, Clarkson, James
    as soon as i heard Wilton, Clarkson, James on a mix i listened to, I KNEW that this would be my new favorite artist!
  18. Illegal Transmissions Over Boyos, ON
    by Graham Kartna
  19. Shoot The Moons
    by Graham Kartna
  20. The Adventures Of Death Boy
    by Graham Kartna