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  2. Punk
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  1. Lovers Lane
    by Thanks! I Hate It
    Meatwood Flack Meatwood Flack
    start to finish, an extremely catchy record. up and comers in the emo landscape without a doubt.
  2. Guilty Pleasure
    by Cheem
    Snag Snag
    this is an album you'd wanna bring home to momma
  3. rare haunts
    by dynastic
  4. Advice
    by slashpattern
  5. feather river canyon blues
    by pigeon pit
  6. Fusion Ha! A Larry And Illuminate Compilation
    by Larry/Illuminate
  7. Exercise Your Demons
    New Vegas Bomb New Vegas Bomb
    the genre needs this kind of energy
  8. xoxo
  9. Saccharine
    by Pinkshift
  10. All My Friends
    by Kicksie
    Left Lane Left Lane
    catchy and cute
  11. SOS
    by Backswing
  12. Internet Breath
    by Hey, ily!
  13. Ponderosa Snake House and the Chamber Of Bullshit
    by Palette Knife
    Hungover Brunch At Tiffany's Hungover Brunch At Tiffany's
    palette knife brings the sauce, extremely catchy emo with fun lyrics and gamer references am i right fellow gamers
  14. Rodia
    by Swordfish
  15. Sweet Tooth
    by Mom Jeans.
    Luv L8r Luv L8r
    they refuse to stagnate or make the same tunes for each new album, this is their most diverse yet. and you can really tell that more members were involved in the song writing. insanely catchy
  16. Back in the Jazz Coffin
    by AJJ
  17. Tallahassee
    by the Mountain Goats
  18. Letters To Our Former Selves
    by Youth Fountain
  19. DigitalLung.EXE
    by Hey, ily!
  20. Wish List
    by Wish List