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  1. All Down the Church in Midst of Fire the Hellish Monster Flew, and Passing Onward to the Quire, He Many People Slew
    by Down I Go
  2. Juan Bond EP
    by Juan Bond
  3. ni
    by ni
  4. ni
    by ni
  5. Les insurgés de Romilly
    by ni
  6. Circuit Of Suns
    by Circuit Of Suns
  7. Mortals
    by Down I Go
  8. What Does It Do
    by Drew Ofthe Drew
  9. Meta
    by Car Bomb
  10. Cast The First Stone
    by Ion Dissonance
  11. Bring Me Sun For Breakfast
    by Thumpermonkey
  12. We Bake Our Bread Beneath Her Holy Fire
    by Thumpermonkey
  13. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
  14. Pillars (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
  15. Spire (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
  16. Mandrake
    by Rael Jones
  17. Versace Summer
    by JANK
  18. Jack the Lad
    by In Oceans
  19. GUILT
    by Goodthink
  20. Sleep Furiously
    by Thumpermonkey
  21. Shifts
    by The Display Team
  22. Cognac Al Dente
    by Errata
  23. Wanzwa III
    by Wanzwa
  24. Wanzwa IV
    by Wanzwa
  25. Awkward Pop Songs
    by JANK
  26. Iceland Extras
    by Down I Go
  27. CULTUS
    by Slave Cylinder
  28. Makunouchi-ISM
  29. Unlorja
    by Journal
  30. The Occident
    by Town Portal
  31. Dump The Physical Memory
    by Davidson Jaconello
  32. Holon : Anamnesis
    by The Hirsch Effekt
  33. Green
    by Drew Ofthe Drew
  34. The Pottsville Conglomerate
    by Pete Davis
  35. Eunoia
    by Invalids
  36. Thereafter
    by Save Us From The Archon
  37. The Collapse
    by Frontierer
  38. The Hegelian Dialectic
    by George Orwell The Musical