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  1. breathe
    by Tiny Moving Parts
  2. Tiny Moving Parts - Fair Trade
    by Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts
  3. Tiny Moving Parts - Swimming Lessons
    by Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts
  4. Pop Songs For Rock Kids
    by Tubelord
    Stacey's Left Arm Stacey's Left Arm
    Dang man, how do you manage to make such shifting and everchanging music so fun and beautiful to listen to? Glad I finally gave in and bought this. I could listen to it constantly.
  5. Calypsan (drafts)
    by Jessy Ribordy
  6. Here comes a new challenger!
    by Chinese Football
  7. Eunoia
    by Invalids
    It's a Pipe Bomb, Jobriath It's a Pipe Bomb, Jobriath
    Hello, umm ok what? This is phenomenal! The twinkle vibes mixed with complex chords and great vocals? Sign me up!
  8. Motorcycle.jpg
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  9. Safe And Also No Fear
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
    Black Oak Black Oak
    Gorgeously done. I love everything they put out, but the feels and nostalgia that they put in here is too much to handle. I've always loved 104 degrees, and to have another song in that form and telling a mysterious and beautifully morbid story is just so great. Please never stop making music.
  10. Birdfeeder
    by Big Awesome
  11. Better Than Numbers
    by Big Awesome
  12. Liquor Art
    by Yawning
  13. Gen 3
    by Origami Angel
  14. Holy Split
    by Origami Angel
  15. For the Sake of Brevity/Fishbowl
    by Tiny Moving Parts
    For the Sake of Brevity For the Sake of Brevity
    I was angry at you redoing For the Sake of Brevity until I heard it and started crying again. OK, you got me.
  16. Powder / Chew
    by LAUNDER
  17. there is no montauk
    by Flight Patterns
  18. Yeah, No, I Know
    by Macseal
  19. Doing the Most
    by Origami Angel
  20. Quiet Hours
    by Origami Angel
  21. easy listening
    by dad thighs
  22. Pain Train
    by Darkle
    Eddie Manghetti & the Western Spaghetti Eddie Manghetti & the Western Spaghetti
    Why aren't more people supporting this? this is phenomenal!!!! Ugh. wow, I love this album. This song is perfection "nobody like a lonely only." the lyrics hit hard an strong and then it moves into a perfect major song. The whole album is a druglike haze to listen to. Thank you for this.
  23. glistening; i am clean
    by pet cemetery
    sun basket sun basket
    This. Album. Wow. Every time I put my headphones in, I'm listening to this. you've really outdone yourself this time. totally worth the buy, even though I would usually never pay this much for only four songs. but your music is amazing. please don't ever stop.
  24. Quilt Chamberlain
    by Two Knights
  25. Shut Up
    by Two Knights
  26. ghosted
    by fuvk
  27. Ready To Leave
    by Lord Bendtner
  28. Pearl
    by Starman Jr.
  29. Pleasant Living
    by Tiny Moving Parts
  30. Swell
    by Tiny Moving Parts
  31. The Ghosts That I Fear
    by dad thighs
    Of Summer Of Summer
  32. Birds Bees and Sweaty Palms
    by Darkle
  33. An Acoustic Demo
    by White Petals
  34. Belongs to the Dead (remastered)
    by tigers jaw
  35. Birdie
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  36. Leaving Home
    by Old State
  37. Weight
    by Old State
  38. Keep Running
    by Better Halves
  39. A Lot of Bad Things Have Happened, but We're Still Here
    by Two Knights
  40. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
  41. Other Things
    by Plini
  42. Sweet Nothings
    by Plini
  43. The End Of Everything
    by Plini
  44. Celebrate
    by Tiny Moving Parts
  45. This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship
    by Tiny Moving Parts
    Amateur Night Amateur Night
    It's hard for me to choose a favorite song here, but I just love the whole thing. Mostly though, it relaxes me so much. I actually fall asleep to this album all the time. Perfect for an afternoon nap. :)