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talia wagner

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  2. Rock
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  1. Palace Intrigue
    by Household Gods
    Shine Theory Shine Theory
    Incredible. Beautiful. Necessary.
  2. Iniquity Signals
    Senators Vs. Roughriders Senators Vs. Roughriders
  3. This Crystal Vessel
    by Hurry Up Shotgun
    Penumbra Penumbra
  4. Protons and Electrons Compilation
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    An incredible achievement, and a fantastic listen. Hail, hail, NeutronFriends.
  5. Hurry Up Shotgun
    by Hurry Up Shotgun
    Girl From CA Girl From CA
    heartrendingly excellent and spacious.
    by Lardo
    Run Away Run Away
    Excellent robot rock with a human heart. freaky, in a good way.
  7. Brand New Silhouettes
    by Body Futures
    Save the Clock Tower Save the Clock Tower
    Dancey, catchy, super good stuff from Wisconsin.
  8. The Art of Murder
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    Quid Pro Quo Quid Pro Quo
    dark! Hannibal Lecter style rocking, great hooks, very heavy. Smart rocking from Conan and Co.
  9. brother the lights don't work
    by the rutabega
    turn on the summer turn on the summer
  10. Mourning Brume
    by Bone & Bell
    I am a lion, a lightning bolt I am a lion, a lightning bolt
    haunting, gorgeous, fantastic.
  11. Human Kid EP
    Easy 'Cause It Is Easy 'Cause It Is
    if all garage rock sounded like this, i would probably like garage rock.
  12. The Enemy Of Everyone
    by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends
    Casually Intense Casually Intense
    big smart rock 'n roll, from heavy hitters. hooky, interesting, essential.
  13. Logan
    by The Gary
    Houses Houses
    stately texas gentlemen make excellent music.
  14. How the Midwest Was Won
    by These Estates
    Soiled Hands Soiled Hands
    if i close my eyes, it is almost as if i was there. wonderful canadian boys.
  15. Awesomer Than The Devil
    by Police Teeth
    Summertime Bruise Summertime Bruise
    instant indie rock classic.
  16. Body Futures
    by Body Futures
    A Complete Divorce. A Complete Divorce.
    catchy as heck and heart to spare.
  17. Plausibly Wild / Wildly Plausible
    by Victory and Associates
    Plausibly Wild Plausibly Wild
    best songs about the idea of partying ever.
  18. Machines Will Always Let You Down
    by Replicator
    The Tiny Machines Are (Still) Out For Revenge The Tiny Machines Are (Still) Out For Revenge
    classic oakland noise rock.
  19. Whangbar Province
    by Replicator
    Baby, I Want To Terraform Your Planet Baby, I Want To Terraform Your Planet
    there of the best songs they ever did.
  20. You Are Under Surveillance
    by Replicator
    Epoch Epoch
    paranoid, intense, awesome.