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  1. Underzealous Silence
    by Steven Ray
    ruminating on moisture ruminating on moisture
    I don't know much about this machine, but it sounds like meta music concrete.
    I'd love to!
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  2. Buchla Experiments
    by Ordos Mk.0
    Buchla IV Buchla IV
    The world of synthesizers like a pretty flower spreads out. I recommend the download file and it's full of love for synthesizers.
    And the mastering is also great.
  3. That Sky was White, this Night is Red
    by esslemont
  4. Lung
    by Adrianne Munden-Dixon
  5. patterns and cycles
    by Adrianne Munden-Dixon
  6. foreboding
    by black_ops
    root root
    Today is February 3, 2023. It seems to have predicted this apocalyptic world. I think that a new expression has been realized while the musical elements have already faded.
  7. A Certain Amount of Spillage EP
    by c.soûle
    Inhalant Survival Series pt.1: Drowning in the Bigot's Rivulet Inhalant Survival Series pt.1: Drowning in the Bigot's Rivulet
    While listening to this album, I had a dream that the stained glass was shattered by the earthquake and I made an object with the fragments. It's not earthly values, but tradition is sometimes glimpsed. Then I woke up and listened to this album again.
    It's an amazing creation.
  8. End of May 2020
    by Porous Collective
    6 6
    He may be expressing his drifting premonitions.
    I felt an early spring of anticipation and anxiety
    like a Scriabin piano piece.
    Simple and deep music. Excellent!
  9. Joan
    by Whettman Chelmets
  10. "Let's Get Lost on this Rainy Night Together"
    by Raymond Tani
  11. A Mask of Water
    by Lalén Ríos Luna
  12. BIBLE
    by Psalm
  13. Evil
    by Psalm
    Fallen Fallen
    It's not just this work, it's not just ambient. The sounds of each part are scattered throughout the frequency domain, and the composition is overwhelmingly convincing.
    I think it's an invention of music that goes beyond the conventional structure of melody, harmony, and rhythm. It's the work I've been looking for, and it's the best encounter.
    It is the biggest recommendation.
    by Psalm
  15. Inferno
    by Psalm
    Sloth Sloth
    After a few seconds, you will be drawn into the texture and composition of this sound.
    The tone, the fluctuations, all are the charms of this artist.
    It's my favorite album along with "Evil."
    As the concept suggests, it is like a requiem for the earthlings of this century to this world.
  16. DOOM
    by Psalm
    by Psalm
  18. Downfall
    by Psalm
  19. Catabasis
    by Psalm
  20. Strippe
    by monad node