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  1. A Taxonomy of Grief
    by Sumatran Black
  2. Ruins
    by Void Stasis
    Blood Eclipse Blood Eclipse
  3. Repetition Hymns
    by Black Swan
    The Space Between The Space Between
    This is outstanding and on masterclass level.Black Swan packed so much Emotion in this Album that it is nearly impossible not to cry when you reach the last track to end this roller coaster through your memories.

    Exceptional Album 11/10
  4. Outer
    by Misleading Structures
    Inner Heat Ascent Inner Heat Ascent
    Misleading Structures has done such great work in the past with his music,of course i had to give this one a try....and now 3 days are gone and i had listened to this at least 15 times.Something really special happend here.
    Awesome Stuff
  5. Plethora
    by Misleading Structures
  6. Winter Restlessness
    by Mount Shrine
    Lifeless Indoors Lifeless Indoors
  7. Ghosts on Broken Pavement
    by Mount Shrine
    Outsider Station Outsider Station
  8. Shortwave Ruins
    by Mount Shrine
    Hindmost Flood Hindmost Flood
  9. Path of Dissolutions
    by Hoshin
    How It All Ended How It All Ended
  10. the old way to clouds
    by Hoshin
    The Promises of The Nat The Promises of The Nat
  11. 1979
    by Deru
    Pathologically Bored Pathologically Bored
    From the first time i heard this Album it never left my head.
  12. 1979: Remixed
    by Deru
    Black Beach (Tape Version Remix) Black Beach (Tape Version Remix)
    I asked myself countless times which album i like more, 1979 or the remixes!
    I will never find an answer,and i am happy about that !
  13. Torn In Two
    by Deru
  14. Ordeal 26.04.86
    by SHRINE
    Under the Graphite Clouds Under the Graphite Clouds
    What an awesome Album.
    To be fair,this is my first Shrine record.I have read some reviews about it and gave it a try,and this is exactly what you should do!
    Shrine has a real unique style.Everything,even the birds from the field-recordings, sounds powerful,this results in some huge walls of sound that make you feel like standing in an storm trying to fight against it.Extremely intense!
    The whole album is centered around an concept wich finally makes this trip an must have in your collection!
  15. Quintessence
    by Shrine
  16. Clara
    by loscil
    Aura Aura
  17. Equivalents
    by loscil
    Equivalent 7 Equivalent 7
  18. Endless Falls
    by loscil
    The Making of Grief Point The Making of Grief Point
  19. Plume
    by loscil
  20. Submers
    by loscil