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  1. Ghost In The Machine
    by Jo Blankenburg
  2. Sandviken Stradivarius
    by Wintergatan
  3. Music to Smuggle By (Original Video Game Soundtrack
    by David Joseph Wesley
  4. Deep Blue
    by Miracle Of Sound
    The backing music--it's multilayered, deep sounding, and has a very good balance between high and low notes. The rhythm is arresting and yet instantly hummable. It most definitely isn't a single guitar with a bad vocal track--though honestly, I don't think Gavin could sing badly if he tried!
  5. GOLIATH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To A Film That Doesn't Exist)
    by Zack Hemsey
    I've loved Zach Hemsey's music since the movie _Inception_. By internet rabbit holes both wild and twisty, I finally found him on Bandcamp and THIS sountrack in search of a movie delivers on the promise that _Inception_'s trailer tortured us all with. Kudos, Mr. Hemsey, you have delivered and delivered superbly! THANK YOU!
  6. Replica
    by Miracle Of Sound
  7. The Great Unknown
    by Miracle Of Sound
  8. Force Of Nature
    by Miracle Of Sound
  9. Some Things Never Change
    by Miracle Of Sound
  10. The New Black Gold 2013
    by Miracle Of Sound
  11. London Town
    by Miracle Of Sound
  12. My Revolution
    by Miracle Of Sound
  13. The Natural Heart
    by Miracle Of Sound
  14. My Shooting Star
    by Miracle Of Sound